Exploring Long-Term Career Growth In An Entry-Level Role With Bell


For many team members, a first job at Bell is the start of a lifelong career.

Katherine Cape started her career at Bell in the Graduate Leadership Program in 2011. Today, she’s a Customer Service Manager.

“I’m a new Manager, in a new environment and I feel like I have a lot to learn,” says Katherine. “I really feel like I have a place in the company and that I’m valued.”

VP of Organizational Development Kristine Emmett started her career at Bell in 1990 as a Manager in Customer Operations.

“I was attracted to a career at Bell because there were so many different areas of the business. I knew there would be a lot of opportunity,” she explains.

“If you’re willing to go into different groups and take on different types of jobs, the opportunity to learn is immense.”

Are you ready to plan for long-term success?

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