Choosing The Right Career Path With An Expert From CPPIB


Whether you’re exploring opportunities in finance or fine-tuning your career plans, CPPIB has a lot to offer students and grads.

With co-op placements, summer internships and full-time positions available upon graduation, career opportunities at CPPIB can accommodate your transition from classroom to workplace.

“Having a career in finance at CPPIB is a career with purpose,” says Talent Acquisition Advisor Elizabeth Bendia.

She is highly-engaged with CPPIB’s student and grad opportunities – part of her role is to connect interested students and grads with co-ops positions, summer internships and full-time jobs after grad.

Different paths and options

“The best way to identify which career path best matches your skills and interests is to attend networking events and learn more about roles through representatives from that firm,” explains Elizabeth.

There are different finance career paths like Private Investments, Public Market Investments and Total Portfolio Management and Real Estate Investments at CPPIB that require different skillsets.

If you bring together people skills and an interest in exploring and problem-solving, Private Investments may be for you.

CPPIB’s private investment groups look for people with great communication and relationship-building skills, as well as demonstrated abilities in financial modeling, valuation and analytics.

If your passion runs more towards the technical side of things, work in Public Market Investments is well-worth considering.

This is an excellent choice if you’re completing a degree in mathematics, finance, computer science or engineering – there are many ways to get started! Strong programming skills (C, Matlab, Excel, SQL and others) are a definite asset.

“The strongest candidates often combine energy, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity with demonstrated interest in investing,” says Elizabeth.

Expert advice from CPPIB

It’s important to develop a strong work ethic while in school, but don’t assume that your high grades will do all the work when it comes to hatching your finance career.

“A strong academic background can only get you so far through the selection process,” Elizabeth explains. “Your personal brand might be the deciding factor in landing that dream finance job.”

She recommends attending networking events with organizations you’re interested in – a great way to learn which career suits your skills.

“Firm representatives have valuable tips to offers students and recent grads looking to start a career with their company,” says Elizabeth, adding that your own personal network can also provide a great start.

“You can learn a lot about a ‘day in the life’ of a finance intern by speaking with past summer interns or co-op interns from the company you are interested in.”

Each type of networking opportunity is an opportunity to practice developing and communicating what makes you an exceptional candidate.

“Make yourself distinct,” she suggests. “Employers are going to be looking for candidates that possess a unique identity and crave intellectual curiosity.”

Don’t assume you know it all.

“One misconception that many students have is that there are no buy-side opportunities for them right out of university,” says Elizabeth. “Students can build a very successful career here on the buy side.”

Starting your career in finance with CPPIB

As one of the fastest-growing institutional investors in the world, CPPIB offers students and grads the potential of growing successful careers.

“At CPPIB, we are committed to supporting you in your development and helping you manage your career,” says Elizabeth. “There are lateral job opportunities to try different areas within Public Market Investments and Private Investments.”

Rapid growth means CPPIB is expanding around the world, with offices in Toronto, Hong Kong, London, New York and São Paulo – so your career has global potential.

“It’s great to work for a global investment firm where you can get involved with large international deals and investments right away,” says Elizabeth. “You’ll get exposure and hands-on involvement as soon as you start.”

Those new opportunities and challenges are balanced by opportunities to learn and grow with an expert team.

“You will work with world-class talent and learn from colleagues with diverse backgrounds and deep experience,” Elizabeth explains.

CPPIB offers many compelling reasons for a student or grad to hatch a career with this global investment firm.

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