Inside LoyaltyOne: Meet A Gen Y Team Member


Olivia Dunne saw the potential for a great career move in a co-op at LoyaltyOne.

The University of Waterloo student is studying Math and Business Administration and was drawn to LoyaltyOne’s co-op placement as an excellent opportunity to learn.

“I saw that the job title and description involved analysis and financial intelligence and I was exploring both options as a career path,” she explains.

She knew it was a great fit from the start.

“Once I met my interviewers and had the formal interview, I knew it was the place for me.”

Today, Olivia is an Analyst for the Air Miles Reward Program – with a lot to share about working at LoyaltyOne.

A great co-op opportunity

Olivia is responsible for leveraging data about Air Miles collectors and using that data to produce strategies surrounding consumer behaviour.

“The analysis that I work on is usually centered around a particular campaign,” she says, “like segmenting Air Miles collectors to target for an upcoming campaign, or analyzing the impact of a campaign after it has occurred.”

Her role involves working with a lot of data and she also gets the chance to connect directly with clients to determine specific areas of analysis – as well as collaborating with other teams across LoyaltyOne.

That variety means every day brings a new challenge.

“Since the work that I perform every day is different, it is so important to communicate what we are trying to achieve with an analysis and how it’s going to be used,” Olivia says. “Delivering insights and explaining the big picture is something that I have been working on throughout my term.”

She’s had a lot of opportunities to develop her communication skills and she can also rely on support from her team.

“We talk with one another throughout the day, we help each other, and sometimes even work on some of the same projects,” Olivia explains.

“My team is honestly the best team I have ever been a part of.”

Why Olivia loves LoyaltyOne

Having joined LoyaltyOne to build her skills and expand her experience, Olivia has been thrilled to discover a vibrant and welcoming community as well.

“There is always something going on, whether it is Disco Bingo at lunch, a carnival, or a day of volunteering at an off-site location,” says Olivia.

This year, she participated in “Community One Day,” where the LoyaltyOne team volunteers at various charities before a celebration later in the day. LoyaltyOne sponsored associates who participated, culminating in a charitable donation of $40,000.

“It is an awesome day to give back and at the same foster a sense of teamwork,” Olivia says. “It felt great to know you are helping the community and the celebration in the afternoon was a brilliant way to end the day.”

That same emphasis on community and support is visible each day in LoyaltyOne’s workplace culture, she adds.

“Everyone is always encouraging one another, we are happy doing our work and we celebrate our accomplishments constantly. I am excited to come to work every day to be surrounded by all these intelligent, caring, and funny people.”

Advice from the heart

If you’re looking to learn and grow with a great team, Olivia is quick to recommend exploring an opportunity at LoyaltyOne.

“There is a place for everyone here. We work hard, play hard, and we do it well,” she says.

Her advice for a student or grad looking to start a career at LoyaltyOne? Be yourself. She knows from firsthand experience that hard work is acknowledged and rewarded at LoyaltyOne.

“Everyone is so appreciative of the information we provide them with because it helps them to do their job better, while helping us learn through the analysis,” she explains. “Cheering and recognition is a big part of our culture and we constantly congratulate one another in our day-to-day work and accomplishments.”

She’s thrilled to have joined the LoyaltyOne team – and she’s looking forward to the future.

“LoyaltyOne is the most awesome company to work for!”

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