Transform Your Resume Into A Sales Resume


Are you passionate about selling and are looking to get into a sales career?

Perhaps you’ve never even worked directly in sales before – but now that is the path you are determined to follow.

Well, whether you’ve worked in sales before or not, you will likely have transferable skills from past work history that can help you transition well into a sales role.

To put your best foot forward, it is critical that your resume highlight your key achievements as they pertain to your sales career.

Keep in mind that a career in sales is for the very competitive, ambitious and driven individuals. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you highlight your specific performance based accomplishments.

Important things to consider including in your resume:

1. The right details

For each company that you have worked at, provide a brief description of what that company does/sells and an understanding of their size (i.e. personnel, # of offices and revenues).

For each role on your resume, you should include: who you reported to, what you sold and who was in your target market.

2. Key metrics

  • Total number of accounts opened annually
  • Renewal rates
  • Quota and your performance against the quota for all roles
  • Vertical Industries called on (i.e. public sector, financial, health care)
  • Type of accounts called on (i.e. Small Medium Business, Fortune 100)
  • Products or Solutions sold
  • Territory (geographic, major accounts, channel partners)

3. Accomplishments

Outline your accomplishments right at the top of your resume in your ‘summary of qualifications,’ or highlight your accomplishments separately for each of the jobs or projects listed on your resume:

  • Closed largest order for the month
  • Opened most new accounts annually/monthly
  • Scholarships or awards
  • Other

4. Relevant training/education

Apart from your grades, employers are interested in looking at what courses you took that are relevant to the sales role – like a course in sales management, relationship selling, business consulting or marketing with a sales focus.

You might even want to try listing some projects that you did in these sales-related courses with a brief description of what the project was about and the project results.

5. Compensation structure

Most employers will be quick to ask about you compensation structure.

When applying for a sales role, be sure to point out on your resume if you have worked commission-oriented jobs before. Heavily commission-oriented roles will stand out as relevant experience.

What’s your sales resume tip? Share it in the comments!