Day In The Life: A Sales Career At Reynolds And Reynolds


The best way to explore a career path and find the right employer is to connect with current employees in your chosen field.

If they’re recent grads, that’s even better!

Forms Sales Trainee Sean Boulay has a lot of insight to offer if you’re planning a sales career at Reynolds and Reynolds.

He was happy to share his story and explain what makes Reynolds and Reynolds a great employer for a recent grad.

Sean’s story

Sean says that enthusiastic reviews from a friend employed with the company convinced him to start a career at Reynolds and Reynolds.

“He told me that Reynolds puts a lot of time and effort into their employees and that really stuck with me. I did some research and it seemed like a good fit,” says Sean. “It’s true! They surrounded me with a ton of support.”

Sean’s training involved extensive classroom sessions with Reynolds and Reynolds in Dayton, Ohio, and he was also connected with two established representatives in his area to do some hands-on job shadowing.

“Responsibility, challenges and competitiveness are all big things I like about working at Reynolds and Reynolds.”
Sean Boulay
Forms Sales Trainee, Reynolds and Reynolds

As a recent grad, Sean says the support he received from Reynolds and Reynolds went a long way.

“The transition from school to a career is one of the hardest things you have to do. It’s a completely different change in terms of mindset and lifestyle,” he explains.

“At Reynolds and Reynolds, you get the responsibility that comes with starting a career, but you’re set up with a training experience that feels like you’re back in school.”

On the job

Sean’s workday takes him to the workspaces of different Reynolds and Reynolds clients, completing a range of tasks.

His primary goal? Making sure that clients have the solutions they need.

“When I use the term solution, I’m talking about different Reynolds Document Services products we offer, but it’s not a product I’m trying to sell someone – it’s something we’re offering that’s going to help solve a problem,” he explains.

On a typical day, Sean will complete 6 or 7 visits, looking for opportunities to help clients run their business more effectively.

“If there are opportunities where we can help a client consolidate their documents, we’re creating a better solution for them,” he explains. “We see ourselves as consultants, not only as sales reps.”

In addition to daily visits, he’s responsible for monitoring his progress and producing weekly reports to chart his performance.

After just a few months, Sean was promoted to managing his own territory – and he’s thrilled with the amount of responsibility he manages each day at work.

“Once you get into a position like the one I’m in, it’s like running your own business,” he says, explaining that his role involves inventory management and relationship-building with clients.

“It’s a good mix for people who like to work on their own but also enjoy being part of a team atmosphere. You get to have the best of both worlds, side-by-side.”

Meeting real challenges

While Sean spends much of his time working on his own, he’s found the support from the Reynolds and Reynolds team has remained consistent as he’s begun to build his career.

“You work on your own a lot, but you don’t feel alone,” he says. “You’re constantly communicating through phone and email.”

On a weekly basis he confers with other reps and his manager in a conference call, which also connects them with a different member of the Reynolds and Reynolds team each week.

“These opportunities help us learn more about the team we’re part of and the successes we’re promoting across the business,” he explains.

When he’s had questions or faced difficulties in the past, he’s been able to reach out to other members of his team to provide timely results.

“The way Reynolds trains you is that you’re building a relationship, not selling a product,” he says. “As you build those relationships, it becomes easier to manage issues because there’s a sense of trust.”

Are you ready?

If you’re thinking of exploring a sales career at Reynolds and Reynolds, Sean has some great advice to offer.

“Every dealership you go into will be different,” says Sean. “You have to be open to taking advice and using all the information and feedback that is at your disposal.”

That means being ready to listen and learn.

“Sales isn’t about being a big talker,” he says. “Listening has so much more value. You can learn so much about a customer from a 5-minute conversation if you are listening.”

At the end of the day, personal relationships play a big part in Sean’s success so far – and that’s something he loves about his job.

“The company gave me the tools to use, but at the end of the day, I have to use my personal judgment and skills when I’m interacting with clients,” he says.

“Working at Reynolds and Reynolds, you have a chance to be yourself.”

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