Here’s Why Recent Grads Love Their Careers At Reynolds And Reynolds


Planning your career at Reynolds and Reynolds?


Many students and recent grads have started careers in diverse areas of operations at Reynolds and Reynolds: including the three grads featured here.

Their experiences confirm that Reynolds and Reynolds offers some serious career potential if you’re looking to take your first career steps.

Dean Hergenhein, Software Implementation Representative

A double-degree holder from The University of Calgary (International Relations and German), Dean brought his love of cars and past work experience as a language tutor to Reynolds and Reynolds.

“Reynolds and Reynolds wanted someone with experience in education and training people,” he explains. “I really like that experience interacting with people and teaching them something new.”

Dean sets up finance and accounting software for businesses that sell vehicles and helps customers learn how to use the software, making adjustments along the way.

“The most satisfying part of my job is getting in touch with a client and hearing that you’ve saved them time and really improved how they do operations,” he says. “I feel like I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and trusted to take the lead on tasks.”

Dean Hergenhein
Software Implementation Representative

In addition to taking on significant responsibility, Dean loves that his job involves visiting different areas and spending time on the road. “I love to travel. In this role I’m always going to different places,” he says.

While he works on his own, Dean is confident in the support he gets as part of a team, in contact with other representatives, management and a technical assistance centre.

“You can ask a question and get 3 or 4 ways of addressing it, then change things to better accommodate the customer by talking with them about different ways to approach an issue,” he explains. “I still have a support network and I have lots of people I can call and reach out to.”

Trusted with responsibility and backed by support, Dean loves the variety his job offers.

“I wake up excited to go to work at Reynolds and Reynolds and see what’s ahead of me.”

Scott Barker, Remote Customer Training Professional

Scott was excited at the opportunity to turn one of his major hobbies into a career opportunity at Reynolds and Reynolds.

“I have always had a keen interest in computers,” the commerce grad from The University of Guelph explains. “Working in the Distance Learning Centre at Reynolds and Reynolds combines this interest with my customer service background and makes for an ideal fit!”

Scott is a Remote Customer Training Professional, helping Reynolds and Reynolds customers use the company’s software and adjust specifications to suit individual needs.

Scott Barker
Remote Customer Training Professional

“About half of my work occurs behind the scenes, while the other half involves walking the customer through what I have set up,” he explains. “This makes for a great balance of independent work and customer service.”

Scott helps a diverse range of customers with an equally diverse range of priorities, which means he’s constantly problem-solving and thinking on his feet. “It is a constant challenge to adapt to ever-changing situations, but Reynolds and Reynolds has a great support system and my co-workers are always there to offer advice and help me out.”

A natural people person, Scott is thrilled with the career he has started and looks forward to his next steps with Reynolds and Reynolds.

“Dynamic work, diverse opportunities and a supportive team environment are more than enough reason to want to work for this great company!”

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