Who To Follow On Twitter: Insurance 2014 Edition


The insurance industry is a field that comes with vast amounts of information and insight. There are a ton of professionals, companies, developments, trends, news, and opportunities to be aware if you’re a student or new grad considering a career in insurance. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You can easily transition into the insurance world and start exploring what the industry has to offer by following the top insurance influencers on Twitter. And there are lots out there! To make things simple we’ve found five of the top insurance influencers to follow on Twitter this year to keep you in-the-know.

Get cracking!

Career Connections

Career Connections (@find_your_place) helps their followers gain insurance career information to become well educated about the industry. Their content is often created with students and new grads in mind so you can be sure that their tweets will resonate with you!



Insurance Networking

Stay connected between the insurance business and technology world by following @_INN! They’re based out of Chicago, but their tweets cover tons of great information students and new grads can benefit from. From rating information to expert industry insights, you’ll have all your bases covered!



Insurance Forum

Insurance Forum (@insuranceforums) is the biggest insurance community and information resource for agents and brokers. Their followers have access to over 40,000 insurance professionals’ insights and advice at all times. Their tweets are concise so you won’t get overwhelmed with the content they post. Get following!



Insurance Insider

@InsuranceInside will be sure to keep you in the loop with news, developments and trends in the insurance industry! They cover North America, London, and many other international markets so, your insurance knowledge base will be well-informed.



Insurance Media Group

@CdnUnderwriter is the Twitter account for the Canadian Underwriter magazine. The magazine provides insurance professionals with award-winning industry articles, news stories and features! They’re a must follow for students and new grads heading into the insurance industry!



Who do you follow on Twitter to keep in-the-know of the insurance industry? Post their Twitter handle below!

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing