How-To: Use Your Work Experience To Hatch An Insurance Career


When you’re planning on hatching a career in your chosen field, it’s vital that you understand how to connect your previous work experience to the qualifications of your first entry-level role.

Diverse educational backgrounds and professional experience can equip you to work in insurance – which means that you may be closer to starting your career than you think.

By leveraging your part-time, volunteer and extra-curricular experience in the right way, you can easily position yourself as a top candidate for a job in insurance.

We looked through some of the most sought-after qualities, traits and skills that employers look for in insurance roles on TalentEgg. Many requirements could be developed through past experiences that aren’t necessarily industry-related.

You may not realize how your part-time job, volunteer work or participation in an extra-curricular activity developed your skills: find out!

Part-time work experience

Insurance employers often seek candidates with interpersonal, time-management and teamwork skills.

While these are lifelong skills, you don’t need years of related experience to demonstrate that you have value to offer – you just need to showcase them properly.

To effectively showcase your skills, outline the skill you developed, how this development came about and how you used skill to reach a goal.

Remember that coaching job, sales job at a local store, or previous experience in the hospitality industry? Enhance these experiences on your application to draw in an employer!

Here are some resume points you could create from your part-time experience to highlight these skills successfully:

  • “Coached children (5 – 13) to success in [insert number] of competitions throughout the season by designing programs unique to each athlete.”
  • “Worked with customers to identify and fulfill their needs while collaborating with the store sales team to increase overall sales and meet monthly sales goals.”
  • “Provided clientele with an exceptional restaurant experience through friendly, professional and efficient customer service.”

Volunteer experience

Volunteering builds your skills, confidence, network, experience and your resume! Not only are all of these things signs of an egg-cellent candidate, but they also give you the opportunity to tailor your application to a specific insurance role.

Let’s say that you’ve volunteered with the same organization for consecutive years at their annual fundraising event. If you’ve committed every year to volunteering at this event you can likely lay claim to many skills that employers seek in insurance roles (i.e., committed, friendly, multi-faceted, basic business skills).

Here are some resume points you could build from this type of volunteer experience to boost your profile:

  • “Worked with [insert organization name] for over 5 years as a volunteer to help plan, run and execute their annual 500-person fundraising event.”
  • “Provided exceptional customer service at all times to ensure attendees had a positive experience at the event through informational and friendly conversation.”
  • “Promoted and encouraged sales of the [insert organization name]’s products to increase success throughout the event.”

Extra-curricular activities

Chances are that you were part of a group, society, or some sort of extra-curricular team during your studies. These types of involvements can help you shine when hatching your insurance career, if you focus them in your application efficiently.

For instance, being involved in school shows that you’re a strong time-manager, can work well with a team to accomplish goals and are driven. These are great qualities for any role, particularly in insurance!

You can build off of your school involvement like this:

  • “Planned, organized, and executed activities with other organization members for event attendees.”
  • “Participated in [group name] where each member was required to attend weekly meetings, actively participate in discussions and develop new ideas.”
  • “Created, organized and implemented yearly schedules with [group name] for various events throughout the year.” 

These examples are a great starting point to help you plan your next insurance application!

Ask yourself: “What is this employer looking for? What unique experience do I have that demonstrates this skill?”

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