What It’s Like On The Inside


Explore MNP’s service lines

Since MNP services a number of different client groups and industry sectors, identifying the service line that matches your interests and long-term career plans is a vital first step in your career at the firm.

MNP recognizes that allowing new team members to explore areas of personal interest is a great way to build a stronger team – and it’s a unique opportunity for you to learn at work.

Service lines at MNP include: Taxation, Consulting, Succession Planning, Corporate Finance, Enterprise Risk, Investigative & Forensic Services, Valuation, Corporate Insolvency and Accounting & Assurance.

Getting down to business

Whether you are a co-op student, summer student or full-time employee – you’ll start your career with real responsibilities, quickly moving from basic tasks to handle a range of files of varying complexity.

MNP offers a unique balance, combining the resources of a national, full-service firm with the welcoming, friendly workplace culture of a mid-size firm.

This makes MNP a great fit for a student or grad starting out in the industry.

You’ll work with a range of MNP employees from diverse disciplines and with varying levels of seniority, from administrative personnel to partners. These collaborative experiences help you identify the opportunities available in different services lines, as well as the long-term career paths you can pursue.

Working in Consulting

If you work with the Consulting Team at MNP, you’ll get a chance to put your detail-oriented skills to work.

Your responsibilities could include a number of different tasks, including research, interpretation and analysis of information – perfect if you like self-guided inquiry and investigation.

You’ll also have the chance to work on collaborative projects, which will expose you to a variety of consulting functions, including engaging with clients, assessing risk, implementing changes and delivering presentations and reports.

If you’re passionate about business solutions and love public speaking, it’s a great area to consider.

Working in Tax

Working on the Tax Team at MNP would appeal to those who enjoy being with people and are ready to take on managing client relationships as well as develop new ones as opportunities arise.

That relationship management skill set is key to the diverse tasks you’ll complete on Tax engagements. Different client projects will pose unique challenges and require you to stay engaged and focused on meeting a client’s particular needs.

Some of the activities you will engage in as part of the Tax Team include preparing tax elections for corporations, partnerships and trusts, analyzing client needs and providing trustworthy solutions and advice based on your assessment.

Learning at MNP

Each service line offers a unique range of professional development opportunities and some require unique designations.

Continuous learning is a key element of a successful career. At MNP, professional development is a top priority and the firm provides a range of resources to ensure you continue to grow your knowledge within your area of practice.

With support in obtaining your CA / CPA designation, an internal UFE prep course, funding for continuing education courses and even in-house training through the company’s country-wide MNP University, MNP invests in your education and development through mentoring, hands-on experience, guidance and training.

Long-term mobility

Don’t be concerned that you’ll find yourself working in a service line that doesn’t fit your disposition or experience.

MNP recognizes that in order to find the right fit, you have to try new things. The firm is committed to helping students develop careers they love and explore all their options.

Their internal Talent Management strategy allows them to support career development and succession planning by offering students diverse work experiences in different practice areas. If there’s a need and opportunity in a business unit that suits your skills and interests, you’re eligible for a transfer!

MNP also wants to help you plan your career right from the start. Each year, the company hosts a Chart Your Course session for team members who have completed their CA designation in the last year.

In addition to celebrating your achievement, this event is a great opportunity to learn more about career opportunities at MNP.

There’s a big-picture focus as well – MNP shares the strategic direction and growth plans with team members in order to help you understand how aligning your career priorities with the firm’s will contribute to MNP’s ongoing success.

From start to finish, it’s clear that MNP takes investing in your early-career success seriously.

Want to get started at MNP? Explore their current student and grad positions here!