A Day In The Life Of A Recent Grad Operations Supervisor At TJX Canada


For Norbert Omoro, deciding to start a career with TJX Canada was easy: it took one conversation with a current team member at an information seminar.

“I met Colin, who was a Supervisor already at TJX and Jennifer Moore, a member of the recruitment team,” he says. “Colin told me more about what a day in a Supervisor’s role at TJX is like.”

Norbert was thrilled with what Colin had to say.

“One of the main things Colin explained to me is that TJX is a people business,” he says. “As long as you can get the Associates engaged and interact with them daily, then results will flourish at the end of the shift.”

Today, he’s an Operations Supervisor working out of TJX Canada’s American Drive location in Mississauga. He’s thrilled with the career move he made.

“TJX is truly a great place to work,” Norbert says.

A day in the life

Norbert’s job requires both energy and focus, so he makes sure to start his day with two things: a good meal and a trip to the gym.

“Going to the gym gets my adrenaline pumping and a hearty meal gives me the boost I need to begin my workday,” he explains.

What does a typical day in Norbert’s role look like?

“A typical workday involves a start-up meeting with my manager and coworkers, and then transferring my Associates to other departments for them to work in,” he explains. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss staff distribution and set goals for the shift.

With clear priorities set for the day, Norbert then meets with other Operations Supervisors and staff on-site to ensure things are running smoothly. “Next, I meet with my Associates and I assign them their work assignments,” he says. “We take this opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns that they might have.”

Throughout his workday, Norbert manages paperwork and other correspondence and documentation while making sure operations are running smoothly. While his job involves following routines, he still encounters an exciting variety of tasks at work.

“The projects I work on aren’t daily projects,” he says. “They typically happen five or six times in a year.”

He may be responsible for one of a diverse range of responsibilities, including opening a new store and incorporating the new location in the distribution chain, or arranging for transportation of delicate or sensitive merchandise, which often occurs prior to the winter season.

Meeting challenges

Norbert’s role involves collaborating with a variety of different employees at TJX Canada. “On a daily basis I interact with other supervisors, managers, Associates, maintenance, shunters/drivers and Loss Prevention personnel to ensure a smooth and rewarding night,” he says.

Connecting with other team members is one of Norbert’s favourite parts of the job.

“TJX is extremely diverse,” he explains. “The people who work here are from different cultural backgrounds and different age groups and have different ideas that really do add value to the company.”

With so much to keep an eye on, the range of challenges Norbert can face is quite broad. “Some of the challenges that I’ve gone through include mechanical issues with equipment, system errors, or associates falling ill,” he says.

Teamwork is a crucial part of solving problems as they arise – and TJX makes sure he has the team support he needs.

“Whether it’s a problem with systems, hardware or maintenance, there are people on-call 24 hours a day to make sure you can address issues as they arise,” Norbert says. “You’re part of a team, and that team has the resources you need to meet challenges.”

Closing thoughts

Whatever challenges he’s faced during a shift, Norbert wraps up each day by making sure that everything is in order.

“I always ensure that the housekeeping and production have been done, that the next shift has been well set up and that I’ve communicated any important information to my counterpart,” he explains.

He takes pride in seeing that his team has done a good job and is invested in their work. “My favourite part of the job is seeing Associates happy at the end of the night, since it does reflect on their sense of responsibility,” he says.

Norbert says that nurturing that team investment demands a consistent effort on his part. “The skills that are crucial to success at TJX are people skills, including good communication and listening skills, as well as being very adaptive since change does occur frequently,” he explains.

Interested in a role as an Operations Supervisor? Be ready to learn, says Norbert.

“Be open-minded and always be willing to listen,” he says. “Many good ideas come from our associates. Know that you’re there to manage a team and as long as that’s being done the results will show.”

He attributes his success to his willingness to learn and he can’t wait to see where it takes him at TJX.

“There is always room for improvement and that involves learning new ways of doing things to improve the business.”

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