5 Reasons Why Agriculture Is The Apple Of Canada’s Eye


Canadian agriculture is more than growing food. The industry is also a huge contributor to growing career opportunities, our economy and ideas for innovation.

Agriculture alone employs 1 in 8 Canadians, totaling 2.1 million professionals. And with the hard work of Canadian’s, the industry is only becoming a more and more egg-cellent place for students and recent grads to hatch a career! In fact, there’s so much growth that Agriculture More Than Ever recorded that for every Agriculture graduate, there are three jobs waiting to be filled.

There are a lot of stats to go through so to break it down, we put together the top 5 reasons why agriculture is the apple of Canada’s eye!

Every province is a part of Canadian Agriculture

From East to West, North to South, every province is a key player in Canadian agriculture. Of course, it isn’t feasible for each province to be pros in harvesting the same things – each specializes in different areas according to their climate. For instance; Quebec’s highest yields are dairy and pork, Alberta’s highest yields are cattle, grains, and oil seeds, and the Northwest Territories’ highest yields are horticulture and egg products.

Without the efforts of Agricultural teams countrywide, Canadian agriculture would not be such a prosperous industry as it is. With this team effort, the industry is able to provide employment in several different fields (i.e., business, banking, engineering) to millions of Canadians. For hard-working students and recent grads, this means that there are career opportunities in every field, in every province available!

Brings economic stability

Canadian agriculture brings a whopping 100 billion dollars to our country’s GDP annually. This contribution allows Canada to remain competitive as a whole and prosper nationally and globally. And if that wasn’t impressive enough agriculture demands are expected to increase by 70% by 2050 – so it’s only going to get better. This means that the demand for students and recent graduates is only going to increase within the industry (aka: career hatching opportunities are growing!).

Positive developments

With the industry expected to grow immensley, the Canadian government is taking the right steps to ensure that it does so in the most successful ways possible. With new programs being implemented (i.e., AgriInnovation, AgriCompetitiveness, AgriMarketing programs) new developments are evolving and being supported within the industry. From designing new cultivation methods to lessening the environmental impact, to new trade opportunities with creating different varieties of crops, big things are happening in Canadian agriculture, and this means big things for students and recent graduates!

These developments can’t happen without specialized professionals to execute them, which brings us to our fourth point:

Offers diverse career opportunities

Business professionals are needed in order to align marketing plans, business plans, financial plans, and so on. Skilled Trades professionals are needed for manufacturing.  Engineers are needed for technology and operations developments.

The list could go on for days with professionals the industry needs, but we can guarantee you no matter your background there’s an egg-straordinary role in Agriculture for you.

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