TalentEgg Challenges Can Beat The Unemployment Challenge. Here’s Why.


When I was approximately 10 years old, I decided my goal in life was to be a TVO Kids host.

13 years, 1 university degree and 25 pairs of jeans later, this remained my life ambition.

So, after helplessly sending out resume after resume and putting in way too many hours into a job I couldn’t care less about in order to pay those bills, I decided perhaps this was life’s way of telling me to chase that dream.

I signed up to volunteer with TVO, and when they offered me a gig timing a ping-pong tournament with Polkaroo, I figured this was the breakthrough I had always been waiting for.

I went. I wore my bright green t-shirt with pride and ran that stopwatch like my life depended on it. I smiled at people. I even talked to some – and in doing so, I ended up meeting my current boss. Fast forward one year, and I’m happily employed in an industry I never thought I’d be in. I’m not a TVO Kids host – but in pursuing that dream my ambitions changed into something completely unexpected and even more exciting.

I now work somewhere that challenges me, inspires me and makes me think. And I owe it all to Polkaroo.

I also owe it all to allowing myself to stand out.

That, to me, is exactly what Challenges is all about.

I know the pain of the job hunt. It sucks.

For an entire year I questioned everything; whether or not I had pursued the right degree or if I wasn’t as smart as I believed I was or if I had chosen to live in the wrong city; if people thought I had a weak mind and flat hair and if I had only bought the more expensive black blazer maybe the interviewer would’ve taken me more seriously.

I felt discouraged and sad and hopeless because at the end of the day I simply didn’t know how to stand out.

Beating my employment challenge meant throwing myself at a dream I had cherished for more than a decade, not knowing what would happen.

Challenges offers that same potential, without all of the uncertainty that goes with it. You’re a thought leader. You’re driven. You’re willing to try something new and put your all behind it. You’re the game-changer.

Challenges is your chance to stop talking and start doing. Its your solution – to move outside the box and get your mind working again; to make your mark, get experience, and to  find your own Polkaroo!

Got ambition? Prove it. Determined to be more than a name on a resume? Go. You aren’t afraid of a Challenge – get cracking!

Get cracking with TalentEgg Challenges!


Photo credit: maarten