Cracking The Purolator Challenge: The TalentEgg Guide To Getting Started


There are less than two weeks left to enter Purolator’s Challenge on TalentEgg Challenges!

This leading Canadian employer is asking students and recent grads to answer the following question:

How can Purolator leverage social media and other communication platforms to build the company’s reputation as a Canadian innovator and customer-centric brand?

The student or recent grad who submits the best solution will have the opportunity to participate in an internship at Purolator and win a cash prize of $3,000! There are also two runner-up prizes of $1,000 each.

All geared up to hatch a winning idea? The following resources will help you kick-start your Challenge submission.

Purolator’s website

Start with the basics.

The first and most important step you have to take is to research the company.

Set aside time to learn about Purolator’s background, operations and practices. In order to identify Purolator’s strengths and weaknesses and create a feasible and impactful solution, you need to analyze what they are already doing.

Remember: Purolator is focused on being a Business-to-Business service provider. That means that the majority of their customers are other businesses. How does that affect the Challenge – and your solution?

Click here to go to Purolator’s website.

Purolator’s social media platforms

Get ready to dive in!

Since Purolator’s Challenge asks you to leverage social media and other communication platforms, you’ll need to examine their existing social media platforms and recent online campaigns.

Identifying strengths and potential areas of improvement is a good way to figure out how your Challenge submission can have a real impact.

How will your Challenge solution capitalize on past successes? How will you promote positive growth and change?

Start with Purolator’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

While these platforms are probably the most popular and visible ones currently in use, don’t be afraid to think about the role new communication channels can play.

Purolator is looking for creative students and recent grads who are not afraid to think outside the box and show their talent! If you can find a relevant outlet they aren’t using, you’re halfway to offering a unique suggestion (the other half is a compelling argument for the value of your hidden find).

The Purolator Challenge template

Purolator has provided a submission template for you to organize your submission! It’s a great way to get started and organize your ideas – you can always add extra sections if your submission needs them!

Find out how Purolator will be judging submissions!

The template identifies the major areas Purolator wants you to address in order to complete an egg-cellent submission. Whether you tackle each section individually or work through from start to finish, it’s a handy resource to have.

Purolator’s Challenge template can be found as soon as you accept the Challenge! You can also learn more about it here.

We’ll give you a hint about one of the most important sections: Competitor analysis. An egg-ceptional solution won’t just improve Purolator’s practices – it will also help set them apart from the competition.

Identify Purolator’s competitors and research their social media marketing strengths and weaknesses. How can your solution capitalize on this information?

Here are some of Purolator’s direct competitors: DHL, FedEx, UPS and Aramex. (Hint: Canada Post isn’t a competitor – they own Purolator!)

Data, data, data

Looking at the big picture is great, but you’ll need to dive in to ensure that your submission engages with the hard facts as well. You can’t analyze the success of existing practices without looking at data and metrics.

Don’t be afraid of data – it’s easy to get started!

As you compare your own ideas and overall research to the fine points, you’ll start recognizing opportunities to build an effective marketing strategy and create meaningful conversations.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do any counting by hand, as there are lots of resources out there that provide exactly the kind of information that you’re after.

Below you will find some great (and free!) tools that will help you measure the media influence, reach and current level of engagement for both Purolator and their competition. What does this information tell you?

Twtrland: See a visual snapshot of a brand’s online presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Unfold influence metrics, audience demographics, find influencers and much more.

Marketing Grader: A tool which will allow you to see how Purolator scores among its competitors based on social media activity, blogging success, SEO and lead generation. Check it out!

SimilarWeb: Get traffic insights for any website. This tool allows you to see how much traffic is generated from social activity – an insight that can come in handy for this Challenge. Start exploring!

Plan and manage

As ideas start emerging, how do you organize your thoughts? Begin mapping your ideas using these mind-mapping online tools!

Give yourself the tools you need to succeed.

Mind42: A browser-based online mind-mapping application that allows you to create highly customizable organization charts and add images, links and notes to your mind maps.

Flow Chart: This tool is more for the individuals who prefer a general diagramming tool. The clutter-free interface and basic features allow for the creation of streamlined idea charts.

Not feeling either? There are tons of tools on the web to help you plan and brainstorm. Start your search!

Utilizing these resources at your disposal will facilitate your creative process and help you come up with innovative solutions to a real-world business Challenge.

Want more guidance planning your Challenge submission? Get 5 tips and insider advice (including judging criteria!) straight from Purolator’s Corporate Strategy and Innovation Manager.

With these resources to help you, you’re well on your way to planning an award-winning submission. Stop by the Challenges page to learn more!

The Purolator Challenge deadline is March 27 – don’t miss out!