Who To Follow On Twitter: Skilled Trades 2014 Edition


As a student or new grad in the Skilled Trades industry, you’ll be required to keep your skills up-to-date to ensure that only the best practices are applied in the workplace.

Twitter is a great way to do stay updated, with daily updates that feature the latest trends and innovations.

By following top industry influencers, you’ll not only keep your skills sharp but you’ll learn about new ways to potentially get the job done! Get cracking by following these Skilled Trades focused Twitter accounts:

Tony Karrer

@TradesHub brings together industry information, trends, and developments from experts around the world! With daily tweets focused on providing followers with only the best techniques to egg-cel on-the-job, you’ll have the right tools to do so at your finger tips 24/7.



Skilled Trades Info

Just like their name says, @TradesInfo is all about providing information about skilled trades, jobs, information, news, and industry trends. This Skilled Trades Twitter influencer is committed to tweeting about only the greatest and latest news for their followers through deep research, online conversations, and going to the source: you!



Skills Canada

@Skills_Canada is a National, not-for-profit organization that actively promotes careers in Skilled Trades and Technologies specifically to youth! They provide the information students and new grads heading into the industry need to keep informed of labour market stats, expert insights, and developments.



Teck Resources

Teck is Canada’s largest diversified natural resource company! They use their Twitter account (@TeckResources) to tweet about the latest news and trends at the company and in the industry.



Trades At The Centre

This influencer (@Wanna_Trade) tweets daily about Skilled Trades of all kinds! With tons of great information, they’re an egg-cellent account to follow to keep you in the know of the industry.


Who do you follow on Twitter to keep updated on the Skilled Trades industry? Post a comment below to share with us!

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing