3 Entry Level Tech Jobs With Growing Salaries


Tech jobs are in demand, and it may be hard to decide which direction to go in. While some may be creative, others may be more into information technology, engineering, or software. Either way, it is a thriving field with plenty of opportunities. An arising question is, “How much money will I make?” We’ve compiled a list of jobs in technology that could advance your career with high potential earnings:

Software Engineer

If you have a vast range of information systems experience, and can work in a team environment, that’s one of many things crossed off your checklist. You’ll use your information systems experience with making engineering details for software. You’ll constantly be testing how hardware and software work. You’ll work with other engineers to ensure quality assurance, implement methodologies, and keep track of all software specifications.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering
  • Extensive knowledge of programming languages such as C#/C++, Java, Visual Basic.NET

Salary: Software Engineers saw an increase of 5.6% since 2012.

Average Starting Salary: $49,557

  • Toronto: $48, 716
  • Edmonton: $47, 006
  • Montreal: $44, 235

Programmer Analyst/Developer

A Programmer Analyst or Developer is a rare breed with programming language from a business point of view.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills will be valuable for meetings with business managers and technical staff. You’ll use your programming skills for testing, filtering software, while training others users on software. Programmer Analyst or Developers are the go-to personnel for the business side of other departments in finance, manufacturing, marketing and human resources.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Science, or Management Information Systems
  • Extensive Knowledge of of common programming languages such as Java Enterprise Edition/AJAX and Microsoft.NET
  • Relevant work experience
Salary: Programmer Analyst/Developers saw a 5.9% increase in the salary since last year.
Average starting salary: $45,789
  • Toronto: $44, 102
  • Edmonton: $42,  756
  • Montreal: $41, 533

Network Administrator

Network administrators typically start at entry-level, and make their way through associate, professional, expert, and architect. With a large demand, a Network Administrator sees a huge advancement in salary with more experience. Your main asset is network protocols, software and hardware in LAN and WAN operations. The catch is that you may be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
  • Certifications by Microsoft, Cisco, etc. can be substitue
Salary: Network administrators saw a 6.8% increase in the salary since last year.

Average Starting Salary: $45,001

  • Toronto: $43, 920
  • Calgary: $435, 608
  • Montreal: $41, 928

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Sources: 2013 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, Payscale.com

Photo credit: William Neuheisel

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