5 Careers In Agriculture With Your Name On Them


The agriculture industry is growing more and more careers outside the farm than ever.

In the past few decades, the industry has experienced very strong growth globally. This wouldn’t have been possible without professionals from all disciplines working together towards this goal. In addition, this growth has sprouted new and meaningful careers in a variety of fields.

At TalentEgg, we’ve seen unique roles develop that tie other industries into agriculture. This is a great change for the industry as it brings rewarding, secure, and meaningful careers for individuals from all backgrounds.

With the growth of the industry being so strong, there are tons of roles available that you may not know about. Here are 6 of them:

Agribusiness Manager

Agribusiness Managers work with farmers, businesses, and operations to give them the support and guidance needed to stay competitive and successful. Roles postings for Agribusiness Manager’s jumped 43% this past year, which means that these types of professionals are becoming increasingly needed throughout the industry. This is a great role for any grad with a drive to manage a business to hatch a career in!

Communications roles

Communications roles are vital to tying together what’s going on in Agriculture with businesses, the public, and education systems. Professionals in this role are responsible for things like developing business plans, consulting with clients, implementing new strategies, and enhancing communication methods as a whole. There’s not preferred degree or diploma for communications roles in Agriculture so; this is an egg-cellent role for recent graduates no matter the background interested in what career in communications has to offer.

Food Scientist

Food Scientist roles are accountable for maintaining healthy and safe agriculture products but also for developing new agriculture products. Roles in food sciences have become more and more important in Agriculture as the demands keep increasing (population wise, and preferences wise).

Skilled trades roles

In order for the production of Agriculture to be efficient and successful, Skilled Trades workers are needed. They work behind the scenes to ensure that each part of the process is executed perfectly and to standard. If a career as a Mechanic, Plumber, Welder, Electrician or any other Skilled Trades role is up your alley, Agriculture has egg-straordinary things to offer your career.


Ever wonder who exactly analyzes the effects of gases, powders and other materials on humans and animals? Pharmacologist’s do! This role involves a high level of research to finding effects, outcomes, and treatments specifically in Agriculture. Though a PhD is usually needed, this career can bring a ton of diversity, reward, and good to society.

Find your role in Agriculture by checking out the TalentEgg job board and Agriculture Career Guide!

About the author

Meghan Greaves is a Bachelor of Arts - Sociology and Marketing Management student at the University of Guelph. She also earned a Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op) diploma from Conestoga College in 2012. Meghan is currently completing a summer internship with TalentEgg as a Editorial & Marketing intern.