A Hands-On Look At Enterprise’s Management Training Program


Jon Pryce came to Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Management Training Program eager to learn – and he hasn’t been disappointed.

“I am learning about sales, marketing, customer service, financial analysis and business development,” he says. “The emphasis that Enterprise places on learning is one of the most attractive aspects of working for the company.”

An eagerness to learn is just one great reason to explore a Management Trainee role with Enterprise.

Jacqueline Cohen Kennedy was drawn to the program because it seemed a natural fit to her educational background. “I wanted to use my schooling in a field I know best: business,” she says.

Jennifer Empey has her sights set on career growth and saw potential at Enterprise. “I wanted to make a name for myself and was attracted to the rewarding and fast-paced career path Enterprise offers,” she explains.

These three Enterprise employees were eager to share their experiences as Management Trainees and explain why they love working at Enterprise.

Update (April 3, 2014): Jennifer Empey has since been promoted to Branch Manager of an Enterprise location, while Jacqueline Cohen Kennedy is getting ready for her Management Qualification Interview. Jon Pryce has just been promoted to a Fleet Management Account Executive!

A smooth start

Applying for a job can be a stressful experience, but Jennifer was surprised to discover that the application process for the Management Training Program is simple and transparent.

“The application process is easy. After you apply online there is a phone screening, followed by a series of interviews,” she explains. “The website offers a clear step-by-step guideline of what to expect.”

Having a clear understanding of the hiring process before applying was a great advantage for Jon.

“I was never in the dark at any point in the process and I was given more than enough insight into how I could excel at each stage. All it took was a good balance of research and confidence,” he says.

Training on the job

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, someone who aspires to leading a large team, or a business grad looking to put your skills and experience to work, the Management Training Program at Enterprise provides all the training you need to put your best foot forward.

“Enterprise is fantastic at helping employees adjust to new roles,” says Jacqueline. “They provide very detailed training with guides for personal growth to help keep you on track.”

Jon has found great support for his love of learning at Enterprise. “After the first week of training, there were (and continue to be) many training sessions and performance development meetings that are geared towards putting the many practical aspects of the business into perspective,” he says.

“Since everyone at Enterprise has been a Management Trainee at some point, I can ask questions about anything and get answers right away!”

This balance of hard knowledge and personal support not only makes for a unique training process, but also a uniquely supportive environment. “Every person at Enterprise wants you to grow and provides consistent support for you,” say Jacqueline.

Jennifer knows how valuable this support is when you’re starting a new career. “I was very eager to get started right away, but I was so afraid of making a mistake that I forgot everything I had learned,” she says. “My manager stayed next to me and took me through the steps. Soon enough, I regained my feet and started making decisions on my own.”

Her first-day jitters never returned.

“My team never treated me like the ‘new girl’ but was always there if I had questions.”

A typical day at Enterprise

Now working as a Management Trainee in an Enterprise location in downtown Toronto, Jon says there’s no such thing as a typical day at work.

“Each day can present a different challenge or opportunity that can lead to new and exciting experiences,” he says. “I am learning how to run an efficient business that is dedicated to completely satisfying customer needs and generating a profit for the company. And I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Jacqueline agrees, describing the different tasks she completes in a day. “Throughout the day, I pick up customers and drop them off, manage the rental process for our customers when they arrive and check in with previous customers to make sure they received excellent service. I check reports to see how our branch is doing in terms of numbers,” she says.

“There is never a dull moment at the branch and something new to learn each day.”

Jennifer’s days involve a lot of responsibility – just six months after starting as a Management Trainee, she’s now the Assistant Manager of a large branch in Etobicoke.

“Now that I am an Assistant Manager, I’m involved in our operational plan. I also oversee the marketing of new and existing accounts, collection of receivables, my fleet and development of my employees,” she says.

The Enterprise program was the right fit for someone with her career ambitions. “Working at Enterprise, I decide the pace of my career. I worked hard and I now help run a branch of over 200 cars. I plan on keeping the pace I’m at because this is the company to do it at.”

Starting your career

With their careers underway, these recent grads have some insider advice if you’re interested in hatching your own career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

“Before entering the program, get in contact with current Management Trainees and gain a grassroots understanding of the position,” says Jon. “You can get a better understanding of the role and stand out among other applicants by gaining this insight.”

This personal contact is a great way to learn more about the unique character of each branch, he explains. “Each and every management trainee has a different experience, as each branch has a different customer base.”

Making the most of your unique opportunity means being in touch with your knowledge and skills, says Jacqueline. “The best advice I can offer to a person hoping to enter the program is to be yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and have the attitude of champion,” she says.

Jennifer agrees. “Work hard, showcase what you’ve studied in school and be open to further improvement,” she says. “There are so many different roles and opportunities at Enterprise – you can definitely find your career here.”

These recent grads found the career start they wanted at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You can too! Learn more about the Management Training Program here.