Behind The Scenes With Nurses At North York General


Hearing from new grad hires is a great way to learn about the hands-on reality of a new workplace.

Melissa Smith is a Registered Nurse at North York General who graduated from Queen’s University in 2012. This is her first role in the healthcare industry, and she says North York General played a big part in helping her adjust to her new role.

“They prepare you really well,” she says. “I was terrified before I came in and they really ease you into the workforce. You feel confident in what you’re doing and you have the staff behind you to support you.”

North York General assigns each new hire an experienced mentor to help them adjust to their role, something  Clinical Nurse Educator Allison Murphy appreciated when she started her career.

“One shift at a time, you learn to manage patient loads, case loads and prioritize your patient care,” she says. “That’s the only way you’re going to learn and progress in this job.”

Melissa and Allison were happy to share their experiences as new grad hires at North York General.

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