Is Santa The Model Employee? I Say Yes


If you’re planning on spending some of your holiday downtime on your job search, use the big man himself as someone to model your employable self after.

Not only has he been extremely successful in his career, but he consistently demonstrates a solid work ethic and embodies the qualities of an admirable worker.

Take a look at the top 5 reasons Santa continues to excel year after year and stands strong as a model employee:

1. He achieves the impossible

He might be a large man, but he still manages to squeeze down even the tightest of chimneys.

What’s your version of impossible? Changing industries, going back to school, getting a position that’s outside of your experience?

Have a goal, put your mind to it, and you too can fit in places you never thought possible.

2. He has a can-do attitude

The whole ‘getting around the entire world in one night’ detail has stumped the public for centuries – to the point where people use this as the sole reason to stop believing in Santa Claus.

I know, I know.

Think you have too much on your plate? Have people telling you you’re under-qualified and not skilled enough for what you want to do? You can do anything you set your mind to – just ask Santa.

3. He asks for what he needs

Santa has one of the busiest jobs around. He has billions of people relying on him to gear up and deliver – literally. He knows he can do it, but he also knows he might need a little help along the way.

Santa has no shame in asking for some milk and cookies to give him the energy he needs to power through.

If you feel like you don’t have all the tools or training you need to most effectively do your job, speak up! Your boss wants you to be productive – and if there’s something you need help with in order to do just that, they should know about it.

4. He gives back

Santa never steals the spotlight, constantly paying recognition to his hardworking elves and reindeer: two very important pieces in the holiday puzzle. Santa couldn’t be Santa without a team and he knows that.

Santa also engages. Write him a letter and he will write back!

As we all know, so much of the job market nowadays is dependent on our social channels. Employers will look you up (or engage with you) on LinkedIn, Twitter and beyond. You want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Don’t make it all about you. Don’t endlessly push your own content without commenting or engaging with other posts as well. Share the spotlight and celebrate people who have helped you get to where you are.

5. He follows the dress code

It’s easy to get too comfortable at a place of employment, or reach that point where you’ve been there long enough that you start trying to get away with more and more.

Santa has been doing the same job for what likely feels like forever, yet his outfit never disappoints. After hundreds of years delivering toys across the globe, he still shows up in a suit. Every. Single. Year.

Think like Santa and you too can ho-ho-hold your head high as a model employee.

How do you plan to make the most of the holidays? Tell us below!