Behind The Scenes: A Career With Northern Health


It’s common to hear someone claim to like his or her job. But how often do you meet someone who truly loves what they do?

A brief conversation with the staff at Northern Health will introduce you to not just one such person, but several.

“When you have faith in the community because you know they have faith in you and give them the best care that you can – that’s rewarding,” says John, a Site Administrator with Northern Health.

Sarah, an RN working at Northern Health, agrees, adding that the environment is part of what makes the community so special.

“I’m constantly discovering new places that I love and it doesn’t feel like I’m ever stuck, because there’s so much happening around me,” says Sarah, an RN with Northern Health. “What you hear from many people is that they came here just to visit and they never left.”

Community is just one element of what makes a career with Northern Health unique. Explore their opportunities here.