5 Free Apps Every Student Or Recent Grad Should Have


Students today are constantly plugged into their iPhones, tablets and laptops. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, researching for a school project, or frantically typing away to complete an assignment, here are five great apps that will save your day. And they’re free for iTunes and Android platforms.

Polaris Office

You most likely know about Polaris if you own a ASUS tablet.

This cool app lets you create, edit, or open word processing documents, presentations, as well as open and view PDF documents.  Are you enrolled in a math, statistics or business class, where you frequently need to use Excel? Then get this app, as it is great for Excel users.

Tweet Deck

As we all know, Twitter has become one of the best and easiest ways to receive quick and simple news and social updates.

Using Tweet Deck, you can get access to your Twitter feed and type up tweets. The app allows you to create multiple columns at the same time and easily follow feeds from important people, companies, or hashtags.

And of course, linking your Facebook feed to it is another bonus. So get this app if you want to get the scoop on the latest news, keep in touch with friends and even keep an eye out for job postings from your favourite companies.


Evernote is one of the best apps for taking down your notes or doing any other typing.

The app allows you to start up notebooks and then you can organize your notes within those individual notebooks. And you don’t just have to type: you can simply scribble, audio record or record using your webcam. The app comes with plenty of different functions and uses and so you can easily customize the app to your own needs as you see fit.

You can type a note on your tablet when you’re sitting in class and then open that note on your home computer’s desktop. The app also comes with lots of sharing options, a premium account with extra features and much more.


Quora acts as your best source of knowledge. Got a question? All you have to do is ask Quora! The app gets you answers from people with firsthand experience.

As the app is voice-enabled (English only at the moment) you can find an answer just by talking into your microphone. Other features include keeping up-to-date with rich push notifications. So get curious, and start sharing thought-provoking questions and answers with your friends and followers with Quora.

Prey Anti Theft

Imagine being separated from your significant other: your precious smartphone, tablet or laptop. Well, worry no more, because the Prey Anti-Theft app is here.

Google Play describes it as an open source, cross-platform anti-theft tracker. The Android version supports: GPS + Wifi geo-location, SIM change detection, SMS or Push (On Demand) activation (2.2+), Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+), and Uninstall protection (2.2+). When you track your lost/stolen device, the app will sound a loud alarm, and send alert messages to you and the thief that it’s being tracked.

What apps help you save time and increase productivity? Tell us in the comments below!