Office Hours: Discover A Career In Beer With Molson Coors


On October 24, TalentEgg hosted Office Hours with five representatives from Molson Coors. Emma Surich, Andrea Tomlin, David Shaw, Tiana Yaraskavitch and Jen Mullin took questions from students and recent graduates about hatching a career in beer and how to stand out to recruiters from Molson Coors.

Office Hours is a real-time conversation hosted online, which gives TalentEgg members the opportunity to communicate directly with representatives from top employers.

Missed the event? Check out this transcript below:

TalentEgg Rachel: Welcome to Office Hours, TalentEgg-ers! My name is Rachel and I’ll be moderating today’s chat.

Our eggs-pert guests today are Emma Surich, Andrea Tomlin, David Shaw, Tiana Yaraskavitch and Jen Mullin from Molson Coors.

Emma is a Staffing Specialist, Andrea is an HR Generalist – Toronto Brewery, David is a Packaging Team Lead, Tiana is a Financial Analyst and Jen is a Market Manager at Molson Coors.

Over the next hour, you can ask your questions about career opportunities at Molson Coors, learn how to stand out to Molson Coors’ recruiters, and get tips for successfully hatching your career with Molson Coors. You can start submitting your questions now.

Emma, Andrea, David, Tiana and Jen, could you please tell the audience a bit about yourselves and what you do at Molson Coors?

Emma Surich: Hi there! I’m Emma, Staffing Specialist here at Molson Coors Canada for all of our positions across Canada. Welcome!

Andrea Tomlin: Welcome everyone, I’m Andrea and I am the HR Generalist at our Toronto Brewery location. I am involved in a wide variety of HR activities at the brewery including recruitment, labour relations, organizational design and total rewards.

David Shaw: Hi. My name is David Shaw and I am currently managing a shift on the can line at the Toronto Brewery. I am a graduate of York University and have been working at Molson Coors for 3 years.

Jen Mullin: Hi, I’m Jen Mullin – Market Manager at Molson Coors. I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Kinesiology. I have been working at Molson Coors for 10 years and have had over 6 jobs… so far! Favorite beer…Molson Canadian!

TalentEgg Rachel: Thanks, everyone! Let’s kick things off with a question that was submitted by a student in advance:

David, a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, asks: “Could you give me some advice on how to stand out with a Process/Chemical Engineering background, particularly for Operations/Supply Chain roles?”

David Shaw: David, look into some practical training that involves the science of brewing. That, in addition to your education, and a passion for brewing should set you apart from other applicants.

Learning the brewing process is very interesting. The amount of science and experience that goes into making a quality brew is incredible. Every brand we make takes a lot of effort to craft and produce for our consumers.

Ali: Hello! I would like to know if Molson Coors has any summer opportunities for students? I had an interview with Jen this past summer and I am interested in learning about how to stand out to Molson Coors recruiters?

Emma Surich: Hi Ali! We hire Summer Sales students across Canada every summer. We generally start recruiting for these roles early in the year. Recruiters love people who know our brand and demonstrate a Beer Champion attitude right from the get go.

Ali: Thanks Emma! Should I expect to see these summer roles posted on TalentEgg in January?

Emma Surich: Hey Ali, keep an eye on TalentEgg in early February for these Summer Sales postings.

Mike Hatchway: What do you most enjoy about your work with Molson Coors?

Emma Surich: There are so many opportunities to learn, meet great people and be challenged daily! The best part about working at Molson Coors is bragging rights; being able to tell people that I work at Molson and seeing their faces light up! Ha!

Jen Mullin: There are a lot of great things about working for Molson Coors. If I had to short list it, I would have to say:

1. The fantastic portfolio of beers we represent (the best in the country!)

2. The people I get to work with

3. The amazing events I have been a part of – think of the cool things you see in the Canadian & Coors Light commercials – we bring those to life!

Andrea Tomlin: What I love about working at Molson Coors is the passion that I see from our operators and staff in the brewery to ensure the best product is getting to our consumers!

Dominic: Is Molson Coors a company that invests in employee training and career growth? If so, how?

Andrea Tomlin: Dominic – We offer a great variety of leadership courses to ensure our employees have the tools to succeed. Succession planning is important and we want to make sure we are able to promote from within so training is critical to help our employees be successful. Also we have an Education and Training Reimbursement Program available to our employees.

Katie S.: I heard that relocation could be a possibility when working for Molson Coors. What are some of the places that employees have relocated to? Is this likely to happen?

Emma Surich: Hi Katie – There are opportunities through various programs to relocate from our Production Trainee Program to our Sales Team and learn about different markets across Canada.

David Shaw: Our Production Trainee Program works with our employees to give them a broad understanding of our process through relocation to breweries across Canada.

Steven Lee: To Jen: I’m pretty interested to hear how you started your background at Molson. Being a recent grad, with an interest in marketing and the brewing industry, I understand many marketing roles require proven experience. Given that you had a Kin background, how did you make your way into Molson?

Jen Mullin: Hi Steven. I made my way into Molson right after I graduated. I was extremely involved at WLU being a part of lots of volunteer groups and sports teams. I didn’t have a lot of field related “job experience” at the time but I was able to pull different leadership experiences, team work skills and general love for planning events into my interview with Molson. I work with people in my job now that have all different university backgrounds and each bring a unique perspective to our team.

_D_F_T: May you please provide me with some tips on how to stand out in an interview?

Andrea Tomlin: Hey _D_F_T, what we appreciate to see and hear about in interviews is a deep understanding of what we do and what we believe in at Molson Coors. Also, just be yourself!

Jefferson Huang: This question is for Tiana and Jen. I recently graduated and interned at a Big 4 firm. In order to get into your role of Financial Analyst and Market Manager, did you originally start at Molson Coors and if not, what was the process of getting into your role?

Tiana Yaraskavitch: Hi Jefferson – I am a recent graduate as well! I just started my career at Molson Coors in July as a Financial Analyst. The job was posted here on TalentEgg! The interview process included one phone interview with HR, followed by two face-to-face interviews with various members of the finance team. My second interview included a case study portion – I was given a business case one week before the interview, and had to present my analysis and recommendations to a panel of four employees. It was a great opportunity to showcase my practical skills and enthusiasm!

Morgan F: I am interested in the Production Trainee Program listed under your graduate programs. I was just wondering if any of you could offer some insight into the program and also what the time frame is for potentially applying? Thanks.

David Shaw: Morgan. This program runs every two years for candidates both inside and outside the brewery. We just hired four people this September to fill the roles. These people will spend time in multiple breweries and in multiple disciplines including brewing, packaging and supply chain.

LabFan: What is the best route to pursuing a career in R&D?

Emma: Hey LabFan – we don’t have anyone from R&D in this chat right now, but we have a team that focuses on consumer and shopper insights as well as our innovations team with scientific backgrounds who do a lot of our R&D in-house. There’s a lot of science that goes into these roles so having a strong background in psychology or the sciences is a great start.

TalentEgg Rachel: Here’s another question that was submitted in advance:

Jas, an MBA student at the University of Victoria, asks: “How do you promote innovation and creativity at Molson Coors?”

Emma Surich: Hey Jas – Innovation is a key element in our business plans, so much so that it’s actually embedded into our global milestone goals. We’ve got an exciting innovation pipeline for the next few years and our teams are always on the hunt for something new. Beer Reverence is a certification that provides and empowers all employees with in-depth beer knowledge and our business operations.

An example of one of our innovations is the wide-mouth bottle for Coors Light and Canadian. In addition, we implemented a new line in our brewery to ensure we were able to provide this new innovation to the market!

Alexander Martynov: Do you have any specific ways how you recruit new grads (for example with Spring 2014 graduation date)?

Emma Surich: Hey Alexander, yes – through TalentEgg! 🙂

George WA: What opportunities are available for recent grads with a finance background?

Tiana Yaraskavitch: Hi George – Recent grads with a Finance background could begin in an entry-level Financial Analyst position at Molson Coors. Within finance, there are many different divisions you could join. I work in Supply Chain Finance which includes Brewery Operations, Imports/Exports and Distribution. There are also opportunities within Strategic Finance, Corporate Accounting and Commercial Finance.

Ashley Robinson: Hello, my name is Ashley Robinson and I’m extremely interested in a career within a marketing or sales role. In your opinion, in regards to schooling (university/college), program type, job experience, etc., what would be the strongest background to pursue this career path?

D. Starens: What is the best way to get into sales at Molson Coors?

Emma Surich: Hi D. Starens – The stepping stone to a career in sales at Molson Coors is generally with our Campus Rep or a Summer Rep roles. This gives you the possibility of moving into a Sales Merchandiser then to Sales Rep. Experience in merchandising is a huge asset in gaining a role in sales here!

Jen Mullin: Hi Ashley & D. Starens – Certainly a marketing or business background will help. We’re really looking for people with a positive attitude and strong desire to win in a fast-paced competitive work environment. Keep checking the TalentEgg and Molson Coors websites for jobs that you can apply for, including: Merchandisers, Consumer Reps and Sales Reps.

Guest: Hello, I am graduating in April next year from York University’s Business program with a specialization in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. Do you provide any opportunities for recent graduates?

David Shaw: We offer a wide variety of supply chain positions including Team Leads at the brewing, packaging and shipping level as well as the scheduling, planning and distribution of our beer.

TalentEgg Rachel: Here’s another question that was submitted in advance:

Katherine, a Finance student at the University of Windsor, asks: “Please describe the corporate culture at Molson Coors.”

Emma Surich: Hi Katherine, in a word, AWESOME. But in all seriousness, the culture is one that’s fun and exciting because it’s filled with people who are very passionate and dedicated to their role, the business and our brands. It’s very team oriented; we work hard and play just as hard. At the end of the day, it’s a lot easier and exciting to sell something fun, and what’s more fun and social than beer?

TalentEgg Rachel: Here’s another question that was submitted in advance:

Brad, a Business Administration student at Brock University, asks: “What kind of work experience or extra-curricular involvement can students gain during their undergrad that will help them stand out when applying for your sales positions after graduation?”

Emma Surich: Hey Brad, any extra-curricular activity where you can demonstrate your desire to win and reach your goals will help you in a career in sales here at Molson Coors.

Andrew C.: Hello! First off, would like to say this is a great way to interact and get advice before applying; thank you for your time.

Currently, I am working in the beer industry and looking to expand my expertise with a larger company. What skills jump out at you on a resume when recruiting for a marketing position (Assistant Brand Manager, Merchandiser, etc.)?

Jen Mullin: Hi Andrew – If you are looking to get into sales, a merchandiser role can be a stepping stone into a sales role. Important skills to have would include selling skills, people skills, strong organizational skills, a capacity for hard work and a willingness to work non-conventional hours. Brand Assistants and Brand Managers would fall onto the marketing side of our business. Some stand out skills to have would include a strong work ethic, passion for beer, creativity and marketing experience.

Andrew C.: Thanks Jen for your insight and advice. I work in marketing for a micro-brewery and am building experience daily. I will be sure to keep my eye out on the careers page at Molson Coors. Cheers!

TalentEgg Rachel: This seems like a great time for our poll!

What are you hoping to learn from Molson Coors today?

  • Insider tips on how to stand out to Molson Coors recruiters (50%)
  • Possible career paths at Molson Coors (25%)
  • Mentoring, training and career development at Molson Coors (15%)
  • Insight into the company culture at Molson Coors (10%)

Lanndon Lindsay: Hi! Thanks so much for this opportunity. I was just wondering, which marketing functions a recent marketing graduate might find themselves in at Molson Coors?

Emma Surich: Hi Lanndon Lindsay – Entry level marketing functions include Assistant Brand Management, Merchandising, Marketing/Sales Coordinator and Social Media, to name a few.

JenniferH.: I was involved in, and helped run, several marketing case competitions at the University of Ottawa. I learned a lot from this volunteer experience, perhaps even more than the job I am currently working in. Does Molson Coors look for these kinds of skills when hiring new grads, or do they focus more on alternative kinds of volunteer work and experience? If so, what kinds?

Emma Surich: Hi Jennifer, definitely, we would look at that experience! Any extra-curricular or volunteer experience that showcases your passion and experience will help you stand out.

UuU David: How does Molson Coors make a career in finance unique?

Tiana Yaraskavitch: Hi David – as a Financial Analyst on the Supply Chain side, my role in finance is unique because it’s more than just the numbers. I get significant insight into the operations at Molson Coors and all of the processes and costs required to make beer.

_o_O_: Are there internships in finance?

Andrea Tomlin: Hi _o_O_, we do offer internships in finance! These students work with both the corporate office and our brewery so they get a lot of exposure to all aspects of the finance team here at Molson Coors.

Theo: What’s a challenge new hires face in entering an operations role?

David Shaw: Theo. Operations roles here at the brewery are very exciting. The first problem you’ll face is understanding all of the details that go into getting a quality beer out to our customers. Our quality standards and the pace of packaging are very high and when you first see all of this come together it seems overwhelming.

Tiana Yaraskavitch: Hi Theo – One the biggest challenges I’ve encountered as a new hire is simply just learning the business and learning the role. After 3 months, I am still learning new things every day! The best way to tackle this challenge is to be hardworking, eager to learn and make sure to always ask questions!

TalentEgg Rachel: Let’s hear from another student who submitted a question in advance:

Emily, a Graphic Design student at the Ontario College of Art and Design, asks: “What’s the best way to “get your foot in the door” when it comes to joining your sales team?”

Jen Mullin: Hi Emily – The best way to get your foot in the door for a sales role is to keep checking the website for opportunities. Summer Rep, Campus Rep and Merchandiser roles often are the stepping stones to get you into sales!

Guest: Hello Emma, Andrea, David, Tiana and Jen. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. My first question is, other than the awesome products, why did you choose to work for Molson?

Emma Surich: Hi there – I’m rather new, but I have always wanted to work for Molson. I grew up working in the restaurant industry and always had a great perception of the brand and Molson’s values. The brand, the culture and the role I am in are why I chose to work here. So far, so great!

Andrea Tomlin: I actually started with Molson Coors through a co-op placement and was asked to stay on full-time. I have now been with the company for 3 and a half years and the reason I stay and enjoy it is because of the people I work with and the dynamics of the brewery. I love being a part of a company that values its employees and provides them with a challenging and exciting work environment. I am never bored!

David Shaw: The reason why I came to work here at Molson Coors was that I wanted to be a part of a team that produces such a great product. Working for such a great company is a privilege.

Tiana Yaraskavitch: The most important thing that attracted me to Molson was the people. During the interview process, I met more than 8 Molson employees – all of which were passionate, outgoing and awesome people to chat with! I really felt like this gave me a great insight into the true culture at Molson. In addition to the people, Molson also supports career development and has an education assistance program which will help me reach my goal of obtaining a CMA designation.

TalentEgg Rachel: That’s all the time we have for questions today. Thanks for participating in Office Hours and a big thank-you to Emma, Andrea, David, Tiana and Jen for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions! Do you five have any final comments?

Emma Surich: Good luck in your search and we hope to see you at Molson Coors in the future. Cheers!

Jen Mullin: Head out to the beer store and check out our NEW Decorated NHL Wide Mouth Bottles…that’s the Sales rep coming out in me. ****Must be 19+

Andrea Tomlin: Last piece of advice: Look for a job that you fits you and stick with something you are passionate about! Do what makes you happy!

TalentEgg Rachel: For even more insight into a career with Molson Coors, watch this behind-the-scenes video in our Sales and Marketing Career Guide:

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