Hatching Your Pharmacy Career With Rexall


The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a period of tremendous change, and the role of a pharmacist is adapting, as a result.

“I wanted a company that was ready to adapt, because as a pharmacist, I think, our roles are really changing,” says one new hire at Rexall. “We are stepping into untested waters. I wanted to work for a company that was willing to do that.”

His colleague agrees.

“I really liked the direction that they were taking with the pharmacy profession and the vision they had for the company. I thought it really matched with where I wanted to go with my career and what I wanted to do with my profession.”

In addition to a culture of adaptability, Rexall fosters an environment where employees are eager to help, support and encourage one another.

“Everybody is ready to help you, right from your staff pharmacists, your pharmacy managers, right up to your regional managers. They are ready and more than willing to help you succeed.”

For one recent grad, Rexall’s commitment to continuous learning, even after you’ve finished school, is evidenced in their Rexall Learning Institute, an online education platform.

“Be open-minded and take all the opportunities that are given to you, so you can really experience all that Rexall has to offer.”

Want to learn more about what it’s like working at Rexall? Check out this video!