Who To Follow On Twitter: Sales And Marketing Edition 2013


Marketing and sales are two hugely important business functions. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo that is crucial to the survival of any firm.

Knowing the ins and outs of both functions can help you further your career!

Here’s a list of the top Twitter accounts to follow to gain sales and marketing knowledge, explore behind the scenes company cultures, and maybe even land a job.


SoftChoice builds their company on helping people. As North America’s leading IT service provider, they value innovation and customer service above all. Follow @ASoftchoiceLife for the latest job opportunities.

Just Eat

Just Eat will be at your door within minutes! Our recent editorial features the largest online food service’s brand ambassador role experience. Their Twitter account reflects a fun, casual, and passionate team that puts their customers first. Check out Just Eat for food options and exciting part-time and full-time positions! They’ll be right with you.

Molson Coors

Molson Coors embraces their people and products, and makes it known. From their “I am Canadian” trademark to their Canadian Olympic sponsorship, Molson Coors finds creative ways to identify with Canadian culture. Their opportunities in management, marketing, sales, business banking and finance make their company a great place for young professionals to start their careers. They constantly interact and share new insights with customers and followers through Twitter.

Procter & Gamble Inc.

P&G is one of Canada’s most trusted companies, due in large part to their “billion dollar brands.” Their Twitter account gives insight on P&G’s customer service, marketing, and product testing. Engage with @ExperiencePG today!

Public Outreach

Public Outreach uses a unique face-to-face approach for fundraising activities. They work directly with respected donors to build a sustainable charitable sector. Their job opportunities as Fundraisers allow you to make money while making a difference in the community. Their outreach also extends to their Twitter account, @Work2MakeChange, where you can learn about jobs, statistics, employee testimonies, and more.

EF Educational Tours Canada

An experience with EF Educational Tours Canada is “Less like a job. More like an adventure!” They break language and cultural barriers through educational experiences like cultural exchanges, educational travel, language training and degree programs. Follow them on Twitter!

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is an agriculture company with diverse opportunities. They plant the seed in excellent employees through training programs and reward recognition programs in the Canadian agriculture industry. They often tweet about job opportunities, community engagement and behind the scenes with employees.


Lightspeed moves as fast as their name suggests. This fast growing company out of Montreal, Quebec innovates retail management solutions. Their collaborative culture emanates the future of online retail technology. Want to know more? They answer questions regularly on Twitter and update followers every step of the way.

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