A Sales Career At Molson Coors Continues A Family Tradition


For Kyle Robertson, starting a career with Molson Coors meant tapping into his family roots.

“My grandpa worked in the brewery for 27 years,” he says. “He is such an amazing, honest and hardworking man and he loved working for such an incredible company. I wanted to emulate my grandfather’s passion and excitement and this fuelled my desire to work for Molson Coors.”

Kyle got his career started on-campus. “While working at a previous job I met a Molson rep who thought I would be a great fit for the campus rep role,” he explains.

Kyle went to work as a summer sales rep and campus rep at McMaster University, promoting Molson Canadian Cold Shots. Today, he’s a Sales Representative in Market Development with Molson Coors located in Ottawa.

“I got started working for Molson by simple networking,” Kyle says. “That’s why it’s important to put yourself in situations where you can meet new people!”

A career in sales

As a Sales Rep, Kyle is responsible for the sales, marketing and merchandising of all Molson Coors products within a defined region.

Working in sales can be challenging, he says.

“Our business is incredibly dynamic. I would say my job requires someone who is exceptionally versatile. Being successful requires you to find the best solution and make decisions on the fly, despite the numerous stumbling blocks you can run into in a day.”

According to Kyle, ongoing teamwork is a big part of meeting the challenges he encounters on a daily basis.

“Relying on a team helps you learn how to best manage challenges and we are fortunate at Molson Coors to have incredible team-mates,” he says. “The bulk of my growth personally and professionally has been facilitated by my superiors and peers.”

He adds that Molson Coors provides formal resources to help employees learn and grow as well.

“In addition to the help you receive in the field from coworkers, we have a plethora of online training aids,” says Kyle. “We have a partnership with Harvard which offers courses that you can sign up for to aid in your own professional growth.”

Continuing a tradition

Having followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, Kyle is thrilled with his chosen employer.

“My favourite thing about working for Molson Coors is the ability to be autonomous and creative,” he says. “You can impact the business in a variety of ways and seeing the fruition of your endeavours is incredibly rewarding.”

In the future, Kyle plans to expand his experience in diverse sales roles and eventually move into management.

“I hope to round out my sales experience by working on a brand team and learning how to properly market a national brand in the near future,” he says. “Once I believe I am ready I would love to manage a sales team and use my experiences to help coach and grow the next generation of Sales Reps for the company.”

Brewing a career plan

Kyle started planning his career well in advance and his hard work has given him some valuable insight into what it takes to succeed.

“Stay positive no matter what life throws at you and work hard to gain as much work and volunteer experience as you can while you’re in school,” he says.

He’s speaking from experience.

“At some points I handled three jobs plus a full-time course load in university,” Kyle explains, “and I can safely say I learned more putting textbooks into action than I ever could have just sitting in the classroom.”

All that hard work has resulted in a big payoff, as Kyle now enjoys a career that comes with a uniquely social community. “Your coworkers and peers become close friends,” he says. “You could begin the day at a breakfast meeting and end the day together sharing strategies at a pub.”

The challenges never stop changing, he adds. “We work exceptionally hard and there are many long days, but the reward is the fact that every day you wake up excited to see where the day will bring you.”

Kyle’s career start is just one Molson Coors success story. Ready to write your own? Start here.