7 Top Traits Employers Look For In A Sales Candidate


When choosing a career path, students and new grads often ask themselves the following question: do I have what it takes to be successful in this industry?

When deciding to enter the sales industry, you may find yourself asking this very question!

Common traits of a successful sales professional that may pop into your head are: confident, competitive, or extroverted.

However, you might be surprised as to what traits employers are really looking for when hiring students and new grads for their sales teams.

Here, we’ve listed the most common traits employers look for in a potential sales employee based on the jobs posted on TalentEgg!

Communication skills

Strong communication is the one common trait at the top of any employer’s “wish list” for a potential sales employee.

Strong communication skills are important in every aspect of a sales career, whether you’re interacting with clients (previous, current, future), coworkers or business partners.

Technological skills

In the sales industry, the majority of your responsibilities (e.g., prospecting, generating leads, networking, connecting with clients, creating reports) will be completed through some sort of technological tool thus, the need for proficient technological skills.

Lucky for you, Gen Y’s tech abilities usually come naturally! So utilizing those innate skills ensures you have the required tech proficiency.

Responsible driver

This is what a psychologist would call an “achieved trait” because you aren’t born with a driver’s license or clean driving record.

You may be wondering why it’s important to have a clean driving record for a career in sales. Sales professionals are required to drive company vehicles frequently for meetings and appointments. Though this skill is not a “must,” it can be important to employers if the position requires you to be on the road.

Passion for learning

If you love learning new things everyday, you might be just the person for a sales career! The sales world is a dynamic one, making it imperative for those working in the industry to keep up with the pace by integrating learning into their daily routine.


Nearly all of the posts TalentEgg receives for sales-related roles look for “fun” traits such as: ambitious, energetic and interpersonally engaging. In a sales role, being able to balance being a team player while setting individuals goals is vital to a successful career in the industry.

Team player

Though your sales goals may be set independently, being a team player is still very important! In a sales role, being a team player means working with different departments, coworkers and clients to collaborate on ideas, give feedback, and ultimately create a strong sales pitch.


Jobs in sales are not just about wearing a fancy suit and making calls!

Many employers who post sales-related opportunities are looking for students and new grads who have flare. Since sales is all about building client relationships, having a personality that shines and resonates with the people around you can translate into a successful career!

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