McMaster Grad Tells All About His Hunt For A Job In Finance


Within a month and a half of graduation, Ryan Jenkins had hatched his career in finance at a large Canadian company: kudos Ryan!

Now, he’s a Master Data Analyst at Loblaw Companies Limited. He’s currently working to acquire his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation, something he believes aided him in finding his current job as well as his prior experience with Loblaw.

TalentEgg got the lowdown on Ryan’s job hunt, check it out below!

Q. What was your outlook on job-hunting before you started your search?

A. Originally my outlook was that the finance sector was extremely competitive and so I was leaning toward accounting occupations. However, there were not many accounting jobs that matched my skill set compared to finance (more bookkeeping, etc.), which lead me to search more for financial analyst positions. So my outlook did not change drastically but I learned that through proper networking and skill development, one can secure job interviews in the finance sector.

Q. What are some tips you can recommend for people preparing for jobs in finance?

A. Differentiate yourself from your competition. Whether it be through advanced financial modelling skills, the ability to speak another language, or exceptional computer knowledge — acquire a skill and be prepared to talk about it confidently.

Also, do your research for your interview. You want to appear knowledgeable about the company and show that your inauguration into that position would be seamless. And practice, practice, practice your interview skills!

Q. What’s some good advice you’ve received during your job search?

A. Build off your rejections. Stay positive, basically take any rejections in stride and keep your head up.

Q. What advice would you want to pass on to budding finance professionals to help them egg-cel?

A. Attend networking events, keep up with business news and be knowledgeable about the market. Also get involved in school! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a finance group; any relevant experience can be put on your resume and will help you develop your professional skill set.

Parting words for TalentEgg readers

When Ryan first started searching, he geared his job hunt toward jobs that were accounting-focused.

However, when he realized that jobs in finance better matched his skill set he knew that he may have to rethink his career path. His parting advice?

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things!”

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