MockSource Founder Discusses The Value Of Mock Interviews For Students And New Grads


Throughout Samer Sweidan’s undergraduate career at McMaster University, he envisioned spending his summers hatching a career in investment banking. But, he soon found that this industry wasn’t for him.

“I wanted to follow a path I was passionate about,” says Samer. “Career development was something I really enjoyed.”

While enrolled in McMaster’s commerce program, Samer ran MAC Global, an investment club that helped students network with Bay St. representative. Students were bridged to key contacts that helped them find valuable work opportunities.

What Samer didn’t know then was that his extra-curricular involvement in MAC Global would give birth to an entrepreneurial venture: MockSource.

What is MockSource?

MockSource is a mock-interview service for students, new grads and young professionals.

This brand-new start up launched on August 15th and aims to create the world’s largest network of professional mentors, matching young career aspirants with qualified mentors and actively providing quality information and resources.

The value of mock interviews

“By taking part in a mock interview, a student or grad has the opportunity to speak with someone who’s been on both sides of the interview process – the interviewer and the interviewee,” says Samer. “They know what to ask, how to answer, who to hire and why to hire them.”

Mock interviews are a way to better prepare for an interview and practice the appropriate way to answer a given question. Through a mock interview, the interviewee (the student or new grad) will learn how to optimize their answers, enhance the quality of their delivery and learn the key points to touch on during an interview.

The MockSource process

If a student or grad has an interview coming up and wants insider tips on acing it, they are encouraged to register on They will then be matched with an expert in their chosen industry. Once matched, MockSource will set up a virtual, one-on-one mock interviews between the job seeker and their mentor. MockSource mentors work at top tier firms like PwC, KPMG, RBC, Salesforce, General Electric, TD, CIBC and P&G. They will take part in a conference call, have their resume reviewed and participate in a 45-minute mock interview. Throughout the conference call, the mentor will assess their answers and provide useful feedback.

“This process gives young job seekers extra preparedness and extra confidence,” says Samer. “The person who has confidence in themselves gives confidence to others.”

Have you ever taken part in a mock interview? What did you find most valuable about the process?