Have You Ever Considered A Career As A Financial Consultant?


Canadian Living named finance one of ten hot jobs for 2013. Why?

The finance industry is booming and in 2011 the Canadian banking system was named the soundest in the world. An expansion in industrial development means that there is a steady demand for financial services.

In fact, more than $300 billion worth of private sector industrial projects have been announced in Canada for the current decade! These projects will without question require financial services and you could be a part of the company or group that takes this on.

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a serious job hunt in the hopes of landing a career-hatching position. After applying to an opening at a well-established financial consulting firm, I was invited to a career information session.

I learned a lot of useful info about the financial services industry at the info session and I’m happy to share it with my fellow TalentEgg-ers!

What is a financial consultant?

In an eggshell, a financial consultant gives management advice to people when it comes to matters of money. A financial consultant will be hired for guidance if a client needs help reaching long-term financial goals, debt management guidance or advice for investments.

Financial consultants can also be employed by businesses to make sure that business plans make financial sense or to deal with financial challenges or budgeting. Companies might also hire a financial consultant to answer questions about employee benefits and retirement plans.

What are the best parts of the job?

A big advantage of becoming a financial consultant is having the opportunity to run your own business while being supported by a highly recognized and prestigious company. 

You have the freedom to choose to specialize in insurance, mortgages, taxation, investments and more. You’re also able to explore your entrepreneurial spirit and down the line there is the potential to receive a great pay check!

It’s good to know that at most financial consulting firms, the job pays solely commission in the first few years. However, later on you can also receive a ‘trailer,’ which grows every year along with your client base.

Do you have what it takes to be a financial consultant?

After the career info session, all the attendants were required to submit an online personality assessment as well as a work history assessment. The personality assessment helped me identify the skills and characteristics that help make a person successful as a financial consultant. If you’re interested in becoming a financial consultant, ask yourself the following:

– Are you a people-person?

– Are you outgoing and friendly?

– Do you have a large or well-connected professional and social network?

– Do you have entrepreneurial traits?

– Are you a hard worker?

– Do you have any solid prior customer service, retail or sales experience?

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