Growing Opportunities For Students And Recent Grads: The Green Dream Internship Contest


Have you applied for The Green Dream Internship Contest?

If you’re looking to get some hands-on experience, earn a real income and explore a new field, it’s exactly the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

The Green Dream Internship Contest consists of 18 internship placements with different companies in the forest products industry and offers participants the opportunity to earn some significant money while developing experience in their chosen field over a four-month term.

“The Green Dream Internship Contest is an amazing opportunity for students to receive job training, skills development and real-world experience in a career suited to their interests and education,” says Monica Bailey.

Monica is the Director of Communications at The Forest Products Association of Canada, which launched, a resource tool that provides information on the growth of the forest products industry and the career opportunities it has to offer right across the country.

She’s got some good news for anyone looking for a career-starting internship.

The start

“The Green Dream Internship Program started because the forest products industry wanted to let students know that their skills and education are valuable,” says Monica.

The forest products industry will need more than 60,000 new workers in the industry by 2020 – growth which translates into a lot of opportunities for students and recent graduates.

The Green Dream Internships consist of a diverse mix of opportunities, Monica explains, with opportunities in fields like mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, computer science, forest professionals and even opportunities for human resources coordinators!

“Surprisingly, students aren’t aware that their skills and education qualify them for the industry!” Monica says. “Yes, we need engineers! Yes, we need human resources specialists! We need everything from truck drivers, electricians and millwrights, to communications experts and sales staff.”

Diverse workplaces

With so many different types of work available, The Green Dream Internship Contest will let participants explore an equally broad range of work environments.

“It totally depends on the internship position the student applies for,” says Monica, “but we can tell you this: students will get to explore the great outdoors in ways they never have before, and will really get to explore the real Canada.”

Last summer’s winning Green Dream Interns participated in a long list of activities, including helicopter rides, fishing, hiking, boating and even rodeo visits.

“Students got to live and work and play in new regions of Canada that they had never been to before. We can guarantee future participants will have an amazing time, see things and be a part of things they had only dreamed of, learn valuable skills and maybe even start a full-time career,” Monica says.

That’s not all. If you’re feeling a little strapped for cash, you’ll probably be interested to know that positions in The Green Dream Internship pay $18-25/hour.

“The best part is that students will get paid very well to have a very memorable summer experience!” Monica adds.

Growth and development

The Green Dream Internship is the right choice for someone who is ready to work hard.

“Challenges are opportunities in disguise,” says Monica. “The interns will enjoy the challenge of the projects they get to work on. They’ll be challenged to be creative, show leadership and demonstrate effective teamwork.”

The challenges and the hard work come with a real payoff. According to Monica, every participant will gain positive, career-oriented experience from The Green Dream Internship.

“The internships will show candidates that their education and skills have a great deal of growth opportunity within the forest products industry,” she says. “Students can walk away knowing that they have a bright, growing career with an industry that truly does nurture their future, their environment and their life.”

“The internships will teach you how to work with a team, how to manage your time and best of all how to enjoy a balanced lifestyle of work and play!”

Getting involved

The Green Dream Internship Contest is open to recent graduates or students in college or university who are 18 years or older, as well as international students with the appropriate work visa.

To apply, choose the internship that interests you, fill out an entry form and provide a photo and resume along with a statement of what makes you the ideal Green Dream Internship candidate.

“It really helps if in your statement explaining what makes you the ideal candidate you voice your passion, dedication and excitement for the opportunity,” advises Monica, “and get creative with the photograph you submit!”

Lastly – get votes!

“During the voting phase, get as many votes as you can to ensure that you are one of the top seven contenders for the internship position you applied for,” says Monica. “This will guarantee you an interview and the interview is where you can really shine!”

Here’s the full timeline:

Submission period: October 1-31
Voting period: November 1-15
Interview period: November 16-29
Winners announced: December 2

The Green Dream Internships will begin in May 2014 and provide you with a paid internship, an iPad Mini and a stimulating summer experience right through to September! What are you waiting for?

Learn more about The Green Dream Internship Contest and start applying here.