The Greatest Engineering Feats: Inspiration For Future Engineers


“Big opportunities” is a phrase you often hear when people are talking about engineering careers. That’s because engineers are privy to competitive salaries, job growth, wide career variety, full benefits and much more!

Beyond job perks, one of the greatest things about being an engineer is the opportunity to participate in innovative projects. Engineers have built historic innovations and achieved monumental feats that just can’t be described in a job description.

Here are just a few of the greatest engineering projects of all time. Did we miss one? Let us know!

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam was initially thought to be an impossible feat. But with the hard work and dedication of 200 engineers, the Hoover Dam was built and turned the flood-prone Colorado River into a source of economic development. To ensure the project was successful, engineers took into consideration weather, seismic activity, thermal movements, vehicle power and structural bearings. The dam was fully completed by 1935, and is expected to last another 100 years!

Health technologies

Until the 20th century, medical diagnoses were often based on doctor’s intuition rather than concrete evidence. Throughout the 1900s, medical engineering achievements aimed to change this. From the first electrocardiograph machine in 1903, to the creation of the pacemaker in 1930, medical engineers have played a vital role in developing live-saving health technologies.

The moon landing

The first moon landing remains to be one of the most eggs-straordinary engineering feats of all time, considering that 1969 was an age of punch cards and gigantic computers!

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Innovative engineering lead to the construction of the tallest building in the world. The idea behind the project was to engineer a building that would draw tourists to Dubai. After 6 years of construction, the masterpiece that now holds 900 apartments, 304 hotel rooms, 35 office floors, and an underground parking lot that can hold over 3000 cars is complete. The project also represents Dubai’s plans to transform into a predominant player in world tourism.

Panama Canal, Panama

This 77-kilometer waterway connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and plays a vital role in world shipping. Over 15,000 ships a year pass through the canal to deliver goods between coasts. The canal took over 10 years to complete and is an egg-cellent example of how engineering is used to connect the world.

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

After construction was completed in 1976, the CN Tower quickly became one of the world’s most recognized buildings! Millions of tourists have come from around the world to see this phenomenon of civil engineering. Engineers collaborated to create the CN Tower to withstand the strongest forces of nature, just as aspiring civil engineers will need to draft building plans with Earth’s movements and weather in mind.

Have you been inspired by an engineering project? Share which one by posting a comment below!