Insider Tips From A Suncor Recruiter For Students And New Grads


“Suncor is the largest integrated energy company in Canada,” says Heather MacIntyre, a Campus Recruiter with the company.

“That allows tons of opportunities and tons of places for students’ careers to grow.”

Each year, Suncor hires many students and new grads, ready to help these early-career professionals find their place in the company.

“We have a variety of new grad programs where the student comes into the position, then rotates into various different positions over the course of a few years,” Heather explains.

These programs allow students to explore different areas of the company and decide where they want to start a career.

Heather says that if you’re looking to stand out in Suncor’s interview process, it all comes down to practice.

“Most schools and universities do have a career centre, where they’ll sit down with you, they’ll walk you through it, then give you some tips and feedback on how you do.”

She adds that being prepared to meet interview questions with specific examples is a great way to make a strong impression, so reflecting on your professional and personal highlights is an important step in preparing for an interview.

Connecting through social media will help you stay up to date with Suncor’s student positions and is also a good way to learn more about the company.

Heather says that hard work is a sure way to succeed.

“You have an amazing ahead of you at Suncor, but it does take a lot of initiative and a lot of hard work to get to that point.”

Learn about Suncor Energy’s career-launching summer and co-op opportunities and explore their entry level positions!

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