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“Bayer CropScience probably offers students the best opportunities I’ve ever seen of any company I’ve worked for,” says Cheryl Probert, Recruitment Partner at Bayer CropScience. “There’s a tonne of opportunity to learn. Lots of really great interaction, both with their own teams and with growers and retailers, as well.”

Ryan Barfuss, a Summer Associate Agronomist, agrees.

“If you’re looking to apply what you’ve learned in school, this is the place to do it. Bayer CropScience teaches you right in the field. It’s hands-on.”

With eight regional offices in the heart of agricultural centres across Canada, summer associates spend four to six months meeting with farmers, checking their fields and working outside.

“We act as the link between the company and the grower, to help make sure the seed is produced according to Bayer standards,” says Kate Schuler, a Summer Associate Agronomist.

Not only does Bayer CropScience give you the technical knowledge and experience to hatch a career in agriculture, they’ve built a strong “agri-culture” where their summer associates are supported by co-workers who want to see them succeed.

“It’s fun, it’s friendly, a lot of learning,” says Cheryl. “Our permanent and more seasoned staff are more than willing to share their knowledge and they really want to encourage our students to grow and learn.”

Andrew has experienced this welcoming culture firsthand.

“Everyone I’ve worked with at Bayer CropScience has been nice and friendly, and easy to work with. You can always learn a lot from everyone who works here.”

This team-oriented workplace is for people who are excited to learn, and know how to work hard and have fun.

“Someone who’s not just in it for an 8-5 job, where you sit at a desk and work by yourself, but where you’re a part of a community that works together to accomplish a better goal,” says Shane.

Bayer CropScience’s Summer Associate Program is a valuable opportunity for students who want to gain exposure to an industry that is unfamiliar to many.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ve learned so much here,” says Ryan. “Everything I was learning in school, it’s furthered it. I’ve learned more and I’m excited to continue learning and growing at Bayer.”

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