8 Engineering Careers You Probably Haven’t Considered


If you’re heading into the engineering industry, you’re probably wondering where your career might take you.

Chances are, it might not be where you initially thought. In the engineering industry, it’s common for professionals to change sectors, change locations and even change to new projects that didn’t exist when they first started out. Evidently, the engineering industry is ever-changing.

Because there are so many career options for engineers, we wanted to find some that you might not have considered before reading this article. Who knows, maybe down the road you’ll be in one of these engineering roles yourself!

Toy Engineer

Also known as Santa Claus, toy engineers are responsible for developing new toy ideas, creating the manufacturing process, producing the toy and testing the final product. Toy engineers also have to ensure that their products meet safety standards, adhere to budgets and produce profits.

Special Effects Engineer

Imagine having your engineering projects or innovations on the big screen during movies, television shows, and theater performances! That’s exactly what happens for special effects engineers. These engineers put their skills and creativity to the test to develop some of the most amazing media effects. For example, special effects engineers would develop and execute 3-D animation, real-life explosions or animation projects.

Racing Engineer

Do you have a need for speed and passion for the automotive industry? Then a racing engineer career may be right up your alley! These professionals are part of a race car driver’s team and are responsible for communicating with the mechanics, analyzing computer data to make appropriate changes to the car, executing testing schedules and ensuring a safe-as-possible ride for the driver.

Sports Engineer

Often times, a career as a sports engineer is the ideal profession for people who have a deep passion for athletics and engineering. Designing and testing new equipment, and enhancing the entire industry are just some of the responsibilities that come with this role. Most engineers that find themselves in this field have a science and engineering background. For example, mechanical engineering, sports engineering, sports technology, sports engineering research and so on.

Space Engineer

Space engineers have the opportunity to see some of the things that 99% of the world doesn’t. Aside from that, they work alongside space craft teams developing egg-straordinary aircraft related technologies. From aviation innovations, to defense systems, to developing new exploration methods, it takes a special kind of individual to get this job done – and maybe that person will be you!

Beer Engineer

A career engineering beer sounds pretty good, right? Beer engineers are brew geniuses and work to create the perfect taste and develop methods to actually produce the beer. If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, then maybe your engineering career will take you down the path of creating the next greatest pint!

Chocolate Engineer

Maybe down the road you’ll say goodbye to heavy equipment, fancy tools and big machines in favour of developing delicate chocolates. Chocolate engineers are responsible for the production of chocolate, ensuring machines are functioning properly, developing new production equipment and more than likely testing a few sweet treats for quality assurance.

Military Engineer

The main duty of a military engineer is to ensure that the forces have the services they need to work successfully. Depending on what type of role within the military the engineer has, he or she may be working on transportation methods, defense weapons, maintaining equipment (e.g., air-crafts, submarines, tanks), or developing communication and navigation methods.

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