Introducing The CEMF Scholarships And Recipients


Each year, the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation selects inspiring and remarkable women who are deeply immersed in their studies and engineering communities as recipients for their scholarships.

The CEMF was created following a tragedy in Montreal resulting in the loss of 14 female engineers. The CEMF’s undergraduate and graduate scholarships commemorate those lost and recognize women who have chosen a career in engineering.

There are three classes of scholarships: Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, and Doctoral Scholarships. This year’s recipients will be recognized in June for their accomplishments at The CEMF Networking and Award Event held in Yellowknife, NWT.

If you’re a female engineering student, you can apply to this year’s CEMF scholarships through their website. Here’s a sneak peek at the 2013 scholarship recipients for each category:

CEMF Undergraduate Scholarship:

The CEMF Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes 4 remarkable women from regions across Canada: BC Regions, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic. Recipients of this scholarship represent their region as the strongest ambassadors for their studies based on their involvement and passion within the engineering community. This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  1. Andrea Palmer (University of British Columbia)
  2. Nadwa Elbadri (McMaster University)
  3. Alexandra Meikleham (Concordia University)
  4. Sabrina Hiefer (Acadia University)

The CEMF Vale Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes the most promising women in Canada with a specific interest and focus in pursuing a career in mining. Recipients of this award not only excel in their studies, but immerse themselves in engineering through volunteering, mentoring, and school involvement. This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  1. Hilary Wong (University of British Columbia)
  2. Heidi Manicke (University of British Columbia)

CEMF Graduate Scholarship:

The CEMF Vale Masters Scholarship recognizes a female student in Canada pursuing a Masters in engineering while continuing to mentor, volunteer and dedicate time to the engineering community. This year’s scholarship recipient is: Ayla Ahmad (University of Ottawa)

The CEMF Doctoral Scholarship:

The CEMF Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Graduate Scholarship recognizes a female student pursuing their engineering studies at the PhD level. Recipients of this scholarship are the epitome of a leader. This year’s scholarship recipient is: Beverly Bradley (University of Toronto)

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with these amazing young women during Engineering Week!

Photo credit:  Natalie Chesler