Three Entry Points For Starting Your Career With Bell


With a host of services and products and an established role as Canada’s largest communications company, Bell has many promising career paths to offer students and recent graduates.

Such a wide range of opportunity can make it tough to decide where to get started.

According to Andrea Lopes, Bell’s Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Campus Recruitment, there are a number of programs oriented specifically toward young people hoping to start a career with Bell.

Choosing the one that matches your skills is easy once you have all the facts.

Graduate Leadership Programs (GLPs)

“The Graduate Leadership Programs are the perfect opportunity for driven new grads to enter Bell and experience different roles and functions within the organization,” says Andrea.

Participants are paired with a mentor from the leadership team, who helps them navigate the start of their career, as well as a grad buddy who provides support before and after the program.

It’s not just a solid training opportunity, it’s a promising personal experience as well.

“What’s great about the GLPs is how much fun the grads have together,” Andrea says. “They feel they have the same supportive network and learning environment that they had in university, and there’s always a social event, sports team or community project being organized by someone.”

The GLP covers three distinct areas:

Mobility and Residential Services

This 18-24 month rotation program accepts 40 new grads from various backgrounds each year. The first rotations in the program place participants in contact centres and retail stores to familiarize them with client service at Bell.

“The majority of rotations available are then in various analytic roles, project management, or marketing,” says Andrea, “with some select opportunities in communications, HR and Bell Media.”

Field Services

“Field Services is the team making sure that the right technician with the right skills is at the customer site on time, every time,” says Andrea.

The intensive rotational program lasts 40 months and accepts only a select group of 8 new grads. These candidates then participate in more than 75 hours of training and rotate through positions in analytics and people leadership.

“To learn how to lead and motivate a team so early in your career is a fantastic opportunity,” Andrea says.

This position is particularly special for engineering grads, as a placement here can include support to obtain a Professional Engineering license.

Approved Training Office

One element of the GLP program that might surprise some are the resources offered by a placement in the Approved Training Office.

“Our Approved Training Office brings on 2-3 grads per year, over a 3-year period, to obtain their CPA, CA designation,” says Andrea.

It’s an avenue well worth considering.

“Candidates receive all of the same preparation and mentorship in studying for their exams as they would in a firm,” Andrea says, “with the benefit of going straight into industry.”

Business Intelligence

Working in the field of business intelligence presents some tempting opportunities for those who are analytically-minded or who like working with lots of data.

“Business intelligence, or ‘big data,’ is a really hot area right now,” Andrea says, adding that it isn’t what the name suggests at first glance.

“Business intelligence is about taking unstructured, enormous amounts of data and finding meaning and insights to make business decisions and find new opportunities.”

As a new hire in the business intelligence division, you’ll have the opportunity to put those number skills to the test.

“Grads in these teams learn state-of-the-art business intelligence tools,” Andrea says, “and work on projects like identifying root causes for calls into the contact center, or finding an opportunity for a marketing strategy for our customer base.”

“It’s a great path for students who are very strong with numbers and analytics, and also programmers in areas such as and SAS, who continuously develop tools to optimize processes.”


If you’re interested in developing a rounded set of skills or working in a field with a lot of potential, Andrea says that the Bell Business Markets division may be the area for you.

“Delivering the best technology solutions to Canada’s largest companies is a pretty big deal, and can be complex and rewarding,” says Andrea, “so we like our grads to focus on a particular area.”

There’s a lot of potential in the Bell Business Markets division.

“There are multiple opportunities in Bell Business Markets for 2014 graduates, which will allow grads to specialize in certain areas,” she says. “We are filling positions in project management, marketing, product management, pre-sales engineering, business intelligence and technical specialists in our professional services team.”

It’s also a great division to work in if you’re teamwork-oriented.

“Being a part of the Bell Business Markets group gives new grads exposure to developing skills and expertise across a host of functional solution and product areas,” Andrea says. “The BBM team requires individuals to work cross-functionally on essentially every project.”

Andrea’s insider tips

With a host of opportunities to dial into at Bell, you’ll want to know how to get ahead in the hiring process.

Andrea has some pointers. Her first tip is to attend Bell information sessions if one is scheduled at your school.

“It’s important that you meet people at Bell, to learn whether the opportunity and culture are right for you,” she says. “We’ll be making note of students with potential, so make a good impression by showing genuine interest and confidence when networking with our Bell representatives.”

With so many opportunities, you also need to make sure you spend your time wisely.

“With the multiple entry points at Bell, take the time to read job descriptions and really focus on the 1 or 2 opportunities that you think would be a best fit,” Andrea says, “Targeted cover letters describing how your background, experience or interests are a great fit for a particular job will make you stand out as a candidate.”

With this insider insight, you’re one step closer to starting your career with Bell! Which career path is right for you?

Learn more about Bell’s opportunities for students and recent graduates and find out how they can help you launch your career!

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