7 Tips To Make Working From Home, Work


One of the greatest advantages for Gen Ys entering the workforce is the increase in alternative, more flexible office environments.

Working from home is one of the biggest trends companies are incorporating into their corporate culture.

There are many perks to working from home: no commute, travel expenses, or dress code policies, to name a few.

While rare, students or new grads may be given the opportunity to work partially or completely from home. This can be especially challenging when starting your career.

The following tips will help you make working from home a positive and productive experience:

Visit your coworkers

Set dates to go into the office and interact with your colleagues face to face. You will develop stronger relationships with your coworkers and remind them that you are more than daily emails in their inbox.

Define your work space

As a student or new grad, space may be limited, but defining an area as your “office” or “work desk” is an ideal way to work effectively at home. It will help establish a routine and keep you from getting distracted.

Keep your work space organized

Even though your coworkers and managers might not be around, it’s important to keep your work area tidy. Having a messy office space at home becomes overwhelming and distracting when trying to complete your job responsibilities.

Check in and check out

Schedule your work hours as if you were going to the office every day.

If your coworkers work from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, your hours should be similar. This establishes a healthy routine, creates effective communication channels between you and your colleagues and ensures you don’t impede their productivity.

Explain your work hours to friends and family

When friends and family hear you work from home, they may assume you’re free to set your own schedule and work irregularly. Prioritizing fun over work during your scheduled hours is not a good pattern to get into and can be a tough habit to break.

This is not a good pattern to get into and a tough habit to break if you start prioritizing fun over work during your scheduled hours.

Get started on the right foot by explaining your employer’s expectations to your friends and family.

Make daily to-do lists

Make a to-do list for the day the night before or when you “check-in” to work.

Writing each task down establishes clear priorities, which will make your work day more productive. This will also allow you to stay organized and manage your time effectively.

Get some human interaction

Working from home can be lonely, especially if you live alone or if those you live with work during the day.

When your work day is over, plan to do something active: hang out with friends or family, sign up for a sports league, make a nice dinner or go for a drive.

After working hard, you deserve to play hard!

Have you ever worked from home? How did you stay productive?