3 Things I Learned From My Internship At TalentEgg, Plus Advice From My Mum


This summer I was an intern.

I know what you’ve heard. I’ve heard it too.

“All interns do is get coffee and make copies.”

“You’ll be treated like an ‘just an intern’ and do the jobs that no one wants to do.”

Today is my last day in the TalentEgg office and after 3 ½ months, I’ve yet to be ordered to do a coffee run or make a photocopy.

I’ve certainly never felt like “just an intern.”

In fact, I’ve been part of a team of totally egg-straordinary people, I’ve experienced what it can be like to do a job that is both fulfilling and fun, and I’ve gotten to do something I love every day.

I’ve also been totally astonished by just how much I’ve learned in my short months here. This brings me to the top three things I learned this summer:

1. Don’t let anyone tell you about your experience

It’s crucial as a student or recent graduate to remember that the haters will hate and freely give you their sometimes-unwanted opinion. There will be people in your life that will criticize you and tell you that you’re doing something wrong or that you shouldn’t bother applying to that job because you’ll never get it.

Keep an open mind, ignore what outsiders say and go for the opportunities that you feel passionate about.

2. If you’re a new or recent grad looking for your first job, you’re in the same boat as everyone else.

Don’t criticize or talk behind someone’s back if they’re doing a job you feel is below them (or you). No job is below you when you don’t have one, as Ashton Kutcher recently said.

Be happy for your peers when they hatch their career, but learn from them. Take them out for a congratulatory coffee/beer/froyo and ask them how they did it. These people are among your greatest resources.

3. Sign up for TalentEgg. Just do it.

In fact, click here and do it right now.

It’s free, it takes about 5 minutes to sign up and not only are their job search capabilities incredibly helpful, but they are FULL of good advice. Need to polish your resume? Click here. Need to get ready for September Campus Recruitment? Click here. Need to know exactly why you should be wearing bow ties to work? Click here.

You see, working as an Editorial and Marketing intern this summer involved spending a lot of time with the content on TalentEgg’s website. That experience drove home a lesson I had already heard from two very different sources.

The first source of advice is my mum, who always told me, “You can’t wait for the opportunity to come to you. You have to go to the opportunity.”

The other source of advice is Wayne Gretzky, who once said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

I spent my summer reading and writing stories of real students who are now real employees at real companies. Working on stories like that all summer taught me that my generation can hatch careers they love after they graduate.

That’s something that interning at TalentEgg really inspired in me for my post-grad job hunt: the confidence to try for something you don’t feel sure of and to use every step as an opportunity to learn.

I applied for my dream job. Totally prepared for anything they might throw at me during the application process, but equally as prepared to have my heart broken and return to my computer to pick up my job hunt from where I left off.

And guess what?

I start on Monday.

Rosie Hales was an Editorial and Marketing Intern at TalentEgg this summer. This article was published on her first day in the Media Relations department at Queen’s University.