3 Things Gen Y Can Learn From Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher is a fraud.

Or so he said during the first few lines of his acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award at Monday’s Teen Choice Awards amidst ongoing cheers and applause from screaming fans.

But Ashton’s real revelations came in 3 parts and spoke directly to Gen Y members of the audience (and those who have been watching the Youtube videos of the speech).

His messages were simple: find your opportunity, be sexy and build a life.

Opportunity looks a lot like hard work

Did you know that before Ashton was an actor, tech investor and producer, he was a dishwasher at a restaurant, deli worker at a grocery store and even had a job sweeping up Cheerio dust at a factory?

Those last 3 definitely aren’t the most glamorous jobs, are they?

How did Ashton do it? He remembered that he was just lucky to have a job. He saw every job as a stepping stone to his next job and would never quit a job until he had his next one lined up.

He never saw himself as above any kind of work, no matter how hard or easy his jobs were.

Embrace every job you have as an opportunity to develop a skill or as the next step in your career path. Your outlook on job hunting will be much more positive if you accept each job for what it is and learn from it.

Rethink what “sexy” means

Perhaps the most surprising moment during Ashton Kutcher’s speech was his exploration of what it means to be sexy.

The secret to being sexy? Be really smart. And thoughtful. And generous.

Don’t dumb yourself down by trying to be what others tell you to be. Doing that will only result in you being less sexy. That’s it.

Don’t live a life, build one

Have you ever thought about the fact that instead of living in a world created by other people, you can build your own?

As we grow up, we tend to accept that the world is the way that it is. This kind of thinking gives you clearly-defined goals on the horzion: try not to get into too much trouble, get an education, make some money and have a family.

Your horizons will expand infinitely when you realize that you create an unprecedented innovation or make a discovery that will help or inspire other people across the world.

Bonus: Ashton Kutcher’s real name is Chris. Cool, right?

Photo credit: cbsnews.com

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