Bilingual Or Multilingual? These 5 Industries Want You


Did you know that around 20 per cent of Canada’s population speak a language at home that’s neither French nor English? That’s nearly 6.6 million people who are comfortable interacting with others in one or more of over 200 non-official languages.

Being bilingual or multilingual in a culturally diverse country like Canada can open countless doors for you while job-hunting. Make those skills immediately visible on your resume (for example, mention it in your job objective)!

Don’t have another language under your belt? There’s always time to learn! You could sign up for night classes, or even teach yourself via a book or computer program.

If you still need some convincing about the value of language in the workplace, then check out these 5 industries where a second (or third, or fourth) language can help you hatch your career:

1) Healthcare

Healthcare is a stable field to work in, since it’s a pretty important service. Having the use of an alternate language will make you an asset to any healthcare team and will also position you to work on the administrative side of things anywhere in the country.

Potential Jobs: Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Medical Researcher

2) Travel

Whether you’re at a hotel or resort, or are up at 30,000 feet in a plane, getting away from it all can turn from a relaxing idea to a frustrating experience if there are communication barriers.

Speaking multiple languages is a skill that could make you indispensable to a hospitality or travel team. Plus, the opportunity to explore new places isn’t a bad job perk!

Potential Jobs: Resort Manager, Airline Steward/Stewardess, Front Desk Representative

3) Education

Since you’re lucky enough to have a skill that is invaluable in many situations, why not impart some of this knowledge to those with a desire to learn it?

Education is an extremely rewarding career path. Your contributions could help someone hatch a career!

Potential Jobs: Curriculum Specialist, ESL instructor, Guidance Counselor

4) Customer Service

Providing customer service in a variety of languages will be much more effective if both parties can communicate clearly.

Being bilingual or multilingual will allow you serve a greater number of customers, which will give your company a greater scope of potential clients – something that will definitely please both your employer and your customers.

Potential Jobs: Sales Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Host or Hostess

5) Social Services

Social service covers a huge range of work and includes dedicated work with those in need. In this field, it’s critical to eliminate as many language barriers as possible to ensure that every client’s unique needs are being met.

Potential Jobs: Child Welfare Worker, Substance Abuse Worker, Social Work Administrator

A job that allows you to put your bilingual or multilingual skills to work can be a rewarding and egg-citing direction for your career. Next time you’re job hunting, pay close attention to those seeking candidates with additional language skills.

Would you consider learning a new language for a job? Share your answer with us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Frisco Public Library