Recruited 101: A Guide To Help You Ace Campus Recruitment


With the beginning of August comes the final month before the start of campus recruitment season.

Driven, career-oriented students from every industry have already started preparing, as campus recruitment season is a period of great opportunity and heavy competition.

After all, success could mean the start of a promising entry level position and even the beginning of a lifelong career.

Of course, you may also think that recruitment season doesn’t affect you.

As a two-time graduate in the field of English Literature, I used to think the same way. To me, recruitment was just something that happened to “other” people, in other fields of study.

That feeling changed the day I found myself at an information session for a big name company in an even bigger industry.

Of course, I wasn’t there to find a job. The recruitment session included refreshments, so I was busy pouring drinks and serving food.

Meanwhile, the company recruiters gave their presentation: describing their ideal candidate, outlining their compensation packages and discussing their friendly and engaging workplace culture.

Uncharted waters

When the presentation ended, things went into full networking mode.

I was shocked. For someone with my background, recruitment wasn’t just foreign, it was practically fictional – but there I was, watching a veritable frenzy of hand-shaking and card-swapping.

Like most moments of shock, that evening turned out to be a learning experience.

Right in the middle of things, I could hear most of the conversations that went on that night. As the last person to leave the venue, I could also hear which candidates the recruiters talked about.

Some of the candidates had asked the right questions. Lots of them hadn’t.

A few of them had made lasting impressions.

Many of them had made no impression at all.

Lessons learned

The experience got me thinking.

Like the standout candidates in that info session, you’re only going to succeed in recruitment season if you demonstrate the right skills – research, networking, communication, an engaging personality, and so on.

You’ll need these skills throughout your life and professional career, and a recruitment situation is just one clearly-signaled forum where they come into play.

Whether you’re attending a planned event or creating your own opportunities to get noticed, the skills required for success in recruitment season have something valuable to offer.

The Recruited 101 picture

This week marks the kick-off of TalentEgg’s Recruited 101: A Guide For Students.

This guide will explore the lessons of the recruitment process and prepare top students for the challenges of recruitment season.

Throughout August, we’ll publish articles and resources that will help you brush up on everything from application basics to networking tips and strategies to get yourself noticed.

Much of this content will offer industry-specific insights, while the rest will focus on key skills relevant to students from all backgrounds, helping you use the right tools, ask the right questions and make the right impression.

Stay tuned for the first article in our series: a handy and time-saving approach to resume writing.

Photo credit: Clay Junell via Flickr