Four Strategies To Make The Best Of A Long Weekend At Work


Thanks to the multiple long weekends that grace the summer months, you may find yourself at the office, store or restaurant on a day when your friends and family are enjoying a paid day of rest.

While it’s tempting to spend this time frowning and scowling at every person who approaches you, it’s a good idea to remember that working on a public holiday definitely has its pros.

At some of the previous summer jobs I’ve held, I’ve been known to forego the odd cottage weekend to volunteer for these shifts because of these hidden benefits.

Working on a long weekend could maximize your earning potential

If your company offers overtime or holiday pay then this is one of the best parts about working on a public holiday. Sometimes companies will pay their employees time-and-a-half for their efforts on a public holiday – that’s like coming to work for a normal day but getting paid like you stayed for an extra half day.

Public holidays make for a productive work environment

If you’re hard at work on a specific project then a holiday Monday is a perfect day to come in and do some work on it. The office will be quiet and you’ll be able to buckle down with minimal distractions. I’ve noticed that days like this pass far more quickly as you really have the chance to get lost in what you’re doing.

Use the long weekends to make friends (or bond over baked goods)

Coming in on a vacation day can be a really valuable opportunity to get to know other people in your workplace better. A really sweet gesture is bringing in some kind of baked good to act as ‘compensation’ for the rest of the workers that day (if your baking is good enough, you might even make your holiday-taking coworkers jealous).

Make an impression

If your boss comes in to work on public holidays, following his or her lead can offer some real benefits. Demonstrating this kind of initiative can underscore how much you value your job and want to get things done.

If you’re hoping that your summer job or internship will become a full-time opportunity, working on a holiday shows your dedication to the company.

So there you have it. Get stuck into a project, make new friends, leave a good impression on your boss and perhaps indulge in some baked goods. Plus, the extra money won’t hurt, will it?

What are your thoughts on working on a public holiday? Is it worth it or not worth it?

Photo credit: Wolfgang Lonien and Dan Zen