Four Types Of Job Hoppers: Are You One Of Them?


Gen Ys are known for switching careers more often than other generations. I have seen this with many of my fellow Gen Ys and each person has different reasons for  changing roles or careers.

This is something our generation often gets heat for. That’s understandable since switching jobs can come across as though we’re never satisfied. The truth is, Gen Ys are some of the most motivated and driven members of society. We’re also comfortable with switching careers for self-fulfillment, not afraid to relocate for an opportunity and have more access to different careers.

There are a ton of reasons Gen Ys switch jobs more often than other generations and to break it down, I’ve created a list of the different types of job hoppers. Are you one of them?

The High Achiever

This job hopper’s need to be at the top of the ladder is the main reason they constantly switch roles. They want to move up quickly in their industry, which means they’re willing to take on roles that hold a higher level of responsibility and superiority. This could mean working with their employer to develop a career plan or switching employers completely in order to obtain a higher-level position. High Achievers aren’t scared to relocate, leave their current workplace or take on a bigger and better challenges.

The Dissatisfied Searcher

The Dissatisfied Searcher is an employee who tends to wander before being able to settle down in their career. This may be because they aren’t sure about what type of career is for them, haven’t developed the background needed for their ideal role or are looking for something that isn’t available to them at that particular point in time. This type of job hopper may have a harder time finding a role they’re happy in as they’re always looking for something more.

The Got-To-Have-It Hopper

The Got-To-Have-It Hopper has to be up-to-date and in the know about new opportunities in their field (or otherwise). This type of hopper is savvy to new career opportunities that are out there and often applies to the ones that pique their interest. They enjoy applying to different jobs just to see where it could take them—and sometimes this is to a new career altogether!

The Confident Mover

Opportunities that are a far drive or even flight away from home don’t deter this job hopper! They aren’t afraid to relocate for an opportunity within their company or for a new employer. This type of job hopper tends to have similar traits of the High Achiever as they also have a strong drive to move up quickly in their company or industry. If this means packing their things and moving across the country, they’re up for it!

Is there another type of “job hopper” we didn’t cover? Share it with us by posting a comment below!

Photo Credit: Daryn Moffit