Why I Love Working At EF Educational Tours Canada


Why I love EF: The travel opportunities

If you asked almost anyone at EF Educational Tours Canada what the best thing about working there is, they’d probably say: the travel opportunities. As the world leader in international education, EF takes students, teachers and also employees on trips all over the world.

Some employees, like Senior Tour Manager Lisa Willis, have traveled so much with EF that they have a hard time choosing their favourite destination. Lisa’s list includes Peru, Greece, Kenya and Belize.

Alexa Davidovic, a Tour Consultant who just started with EF, already has a trip to London, Paris and Madrid in the works.

“EF’s travel incentive program is way ahead of other companies.”
Justin Steepe, Social Media Manager, EF Educational Tours Canada

“I’ve only been here a month and I’m already travelling to some of my favourite destinations in Europe!”

Social Media Manager Justin Steepe has been to Ireland, London, Paris and Rome, but his favourite destination is Costa Rica – he went there in April with EF’s Global Student Leaders Summit: Environmental Conference for Youth.

“EF’s travel incentive program is way ahead of other companies,” he says. “We build up staff tour points and get sent to places like Ireland – last year I went to London, Paris and Rome. It’s an opportunity that I’ve never had with any other company.”

Why I love EF: My co-workers

One of the first things you’ll notice if you ever visit one of EF’s offices is that everyone who works there seems like best friends. As a new employee, Alexa says she appreciates how friendly, kind and enthusiastic her co-workers have been so far.

“I’m excited to get up every morning to come to work at EF because I love the people I work with,” says Educational Tour Consultant Meg Bennett. “It’s really awesome to be surrounded by so many people who are super passionate about education as well as travel.”

Senior Customer Service Representative Donna Koster echoes that sentiment.

“It’s really awesome to be surrounded by so many people who are super passionate about education as well as travel.”
Meg Bennett, Educational Tour Consultant, EF Educational Tours Canada

“They all have a passion for travel so it’s great to work with people who have the same values.”

There’s also a bit of healthy competition going on at EF as well, though. Since many of the company’s entry level jobs are also sales roles, Tour Manager Ryan Stasyshyn admits that he loves competing with his friends at work to beat each other’s numbers. “I want to be better than them and they want to be better than me, so we push each other forward.”

Why I love EF: Amazing social events

It makes sense that if EF employees love working there because of each other, they’d also enjoy hanging out together outside of regular work hours. And they have plenty of company-sanctioned opportunities to do that!

“Yes, we definitely have amazing social events here at EF,” Donna says.

Meg elaborates, saying EF has Christmas parties, summer parties and happy hours throughout the year.

“Having the happy hours where everyone gets together to network and have a few drinks – it’s really about meeting everyone else in the office,” Ryan adds.

“We have things called Fun Fridays where one of the departments creates a party for us,” Justin explains. “It’s usually themed: marketing recently threw one that was basically a camping theme, so we set up an acoustic showcase, played some songs for everybody, had some fun games we could play.”

EF also organizes a few different sports teams each season, which employees can get involved in. “I was actually a part of the baseball team, where every Monday we would play a different team. It’s just great to socialize and be a part of something different than what you do every day,” Donna says.

Why I love EF: Changing students’ lives through travel

“Working at EF is rewarding because I actually get to see first-hand how much kids take away from the travel experience,” Donna says.

Meg adds that sometimes they even get emails from students and teachers about how they had such a life-changing time and now want to move to the places they visited on their tour with EF.

This is how Justin sums up what it’s like to work at EF: “You’re going to come to work every day, sit down at your desk, be friends with everybody sitting directly around you and feel good about what you’re doing because basically you’re changing student lives.”

EF is the world leader in international education. Working at EF is less like a job and more like an adventure! Learn more about the world of EF.