5 Ways To Make Working Out At Lunch Work


Is it actually possible to work out at lunch? The answer is (drum-roll please…), yes!

When heading off into the “real-world” as a new grad, you may find it difficult to get everything you want done, done.

One task that often gets pushed aside is hitting the gym on a regular basis. For most, working out directly before or after work isn’t appealing.

Who truly wants to wake up an hour early or get home an hour late? Not me.

So, if you’re having trouble fitting in your workouts before or after work, when can you?

At lunch! For most full-time employees, you’ll have an hour for lunch, which gives you just enough time to get a quick workout in.

Not sure if it’s do-able? It is – here’s how:

Get everything in order

“I’d like a half-hour workout with a side of shower time and a spinach salad please!” Sounds like a little much right? It is possible, though, with a bit of organization.

Pack your work clothes, gym gear and home-made lunch with you all in one bag so it’s ready to go. This will make it easy for you to go from one thing to the next.

Intensity, intensity, intensity

Sometimes less is more! It’s completely possible to have a short, intense workout if you plan your workouts before hand. For example, if you’re going to the gym three times a week on your lunch break, plan three different workouts for to rotate through each day you go (on your phone, cue cards, iPod, etc.).

You don’t need a gym

If there isn’t a gym close to your work, you can still get a great workout in by making use of the natural “facilities” all around you. Going for a run, walk, bike, rollerblade or even bringing a yoga mat to the park can be just as effective as hitting the gym.

Stay energized

When working out on your lunch break, it’s crucial to hydrate and get the proper nutrients. First of all, working out on an empty stomach isn’t healthy. Secondly, you don’t your want work to be affected.

Have a small, healthy snack (e.g., yogurt, veggies and hummus, apple, etc.) before your workout and eat your lunch after out to keep you on your A-game.

Come in a little earlier, leave a little later

When first getting into you lunchtime workout routine, you might take a few minutes longer than expected. To ensure that your career isn’t being affected, come in a bit early and don’t hesitate to stay a bit later than normal to demonstrate your commitment to your job.

Once you start to get your routine down pat, you should be able to balance everything just fine.

Do you work out at lunch? What are your best strategies?

Photo credit: aktivioslo