Eight Signs That You Rocked Your Interview


Before an interview, it’s only natural to feel nervous. But post-interview is when the anxiety tends to kick in. Our mind hops on the over-thinking train and doesn’t look back. The main reason this happens is because we know the decision is now out of our hands and we don’t have much control over it.

You’ve gone through the application process and the interview. The next thing to do is wait patiently for an to hear back with the decision. But the time between the interview and when you hear back can seem like an eternity!

To help with the post-interview jitters and make the in-between and little quicker, read these signs to look out for during and after the interview and what they could mean for you as the interviewee.

The interview went long

An interview that goes longer than scheduled is always a good sign that the interviewer wants to get to know you better and is interested in the conversation. This is a win-win situation because you get to learn more about the company and position, and you get more time to show how you will be a great asset.

They told you when you’ll hear back

If the interviewer gives you a firm date as to when you’ll hear back, it means that they have a timeline defined for the hiring process. This could also mean that during the interview they made the decision (hiring you!) and just need to speak with their team to work out the details. Even if the news isn’t what you were hoping for, at least you have a concrete idea as to when you’ll know the decision.

You talked about topics beyond the job description

Ensuring that you answer each question during the interview effectively is the first step towards having a successful interview. An interview that exceeds expectations is one where you answer every question and then start to talk about the contributions you can make beyond the job description. If you found that this was happening in the interview, you probably left the interviewer with a positive impression!

The interviewer sells the company or position to you

If the interviewer discusses why the position you’re being interviewed for is egg-straordinary, this means they might be trying to convince you about why being hired on would be mutually beneficial. If an interviewer knows they want to hire a candidate, they’ll spend extra time explaining the advantages to you. Take this as a sign that they’re very interested!

You get an office tour

If an interviewer knows that they don’t plan on hiring an interviewee, they won’t spend time introducing you to the team or giving you an office tour. If at the end of the interview they offer to show you around, be sure to say yes and to take it as an indication that they’re interested in hiring you.

You hear that your references have been contacted

Reference-checking is time consuming! Unless you’re being seriously considered, interviewers won’t spend the time to do this. If you hear from your references that they have been contacted, this is a signal that they’re finalizing their decision and you’re a top candidate.

You notice positive body language

If you notice that the interviewer is engaged in the conversation, nodding, smiling or giving off any other positive body language hints, take this as a predictor of your interview performance.

You felt like you fit

I have had interviews before where I automatically thought “this is the perfect fit” or in other cases, “I’m not sure if this company/role is for me”. If you felt as though you fit in well during the interview, chances are that the interview shared the same feeling. If an interviewer feels as though you had a good interview and also feels as though you’ll fit well with their environment, chances are you’ll be on the top of their mind when making the final hire decision!

Photo Credit:  Julie B Andersen