5 Foodies To Follow On Pinterest For Work Lunch Ideas


Sometimes, the routine of heading to work every day puts a damper on your eating habits. Too often hard-working employees find themselves bored of their packed lunches, snacking on unhealthy treats or spending a fortune on take-out.

Not only do these scenarios take a tough toll on your body, but they can also have a not-so-great effect on your performance at work and on your bank account – especially when you’re just getting started in your career.

Getting into the routine of packing well-rounded lunch every day can be challenging for many reasons. But, with a little help from Pinterest – your lunch making can be much easier! Pinterest is an eggs-traodinary way to come across ideas to incorporate into your daily life, whether it’s DIY projects or finding the perfect lunch ideas.

To help revamp your work lunches and keep you on your A-game throughout each day, we have compiled a list of the top 5 foodie Pinners for you to follow:

1. Cathy Cohen DeGraff:

Not only will your lunch ideas be endless by following this foodie pinner, but you’ll learn new cooking do’s-and-don’t to make your cooking experience a bit easier.


2. Cara / Big Girls, Small Kitchen:

With 154 boards and 3,800 pins dedicated to food, Cara is your go-to-girl for healthy, affordable, and simple lunch ideas.


3. Aimee | Simple Bites:

Aimee makes meal-time fun for everyone! With over 3,000 meal ideas, you won’t be running out of lunch ideas anytime soon.


4. Marina YummyMummyKitchen:

You don’t have to have kids to follow this pinner! Marina focuses on sharing healthy and delicious meal all which are perfect to keep you energized and focused throughout your work day.


5. The Daily Meal:

Following The Daily Meal will keep you stocked up with lunch and snack ideas for years! From boards like “Just Add Bacon” to “It’s Salad Time”, you can find your next eat here.

What are your favourite Pinterest accounts to follow for work lunches? Share them in the comments section below!