Is It Easier/Harder To Hatch A Career Now Than It Was For Your Parents?


Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we posed our Question of the Week and offer $15 Starbucks gift cards to the TalentEgg-ers who get the most likes on their reply on Facebook and retweets for their reply on Twitter before 5 p.m. EST that day.

Last week was a short week with Good Friday, so we posed the Question of the Week on Thursday instead: Is it easier/harder to hatch a career now than it was for your parents?

It generated a huge response on Twitter – you can read all of the responses below.

Is It Easier/Harder For Students Today Than It Was For Your Parents?

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#TEQOTW: Is it easier/harder to hatch a career now than it was for your parents?Reply by 5pm to win $15 to Starbucks.
@TalentEgg #TEQOTW harder! The competition for CA students is more intense – candidates really have to differentiate themselves to stand outTyler Fenwick
@TalentEgg Our generation is a lot more open-minded nowadays but many are ambitious! With the right mindset, one can hatch their career easyDiana Dang
@TalentEgg #TEQOTW Harder but if you utilize the resources we have now that our parents never did it becomes easyMaria Zahid
@TalentEgg despite co-op and internship experience, I still can’t find a paid position! It’s definitely a harder time for this generationYing Wang
@theYingWang Have you thought about leading your own venture? @Venus_VenturesFrancesca Rawlings
@theYingWang @TalentEgg So what else R u doing 2 get that paid position since intern bad? R u willing 2 move across the country if necessaryAlec Rutgers
@TalentEgg It’s a combination of both. It’s easier bc new jobs are created with great opportunities but it’s much harder get that first job!Patrycja Wygnal
@TalentEgg Entry level jobs replaced by unpaid internships & debt from degrees that are req’d for most white-collar careers = more barriersDepressed Grad
@TalentEgg it is way harder. Wish I was growing up when my parents did. They have all the good careers now!Adriana
@TalentEgg It is harder and competitive. Although, that should just push us to motivate ourselves to create our own successful careers.Sebastian D
@TalentEgg The concept of career is much different, much fewer life long roles/companies. Higher standards now for entry = harder #TEQOTWEvan Birtch
@TalentEgg No Linkedin Twitter or internet 25 years ago! Found our own opportunities by knocking on doors and selling yourself–networking!Carrie Oswald
@TalentEgg Harder! Back then, the competition was less, & demand for workers was higher. Today,every1 has a BA & Starbucks as an employer!Ellie Khayatian
Why a BA is Now a Ticket to A Job in a Coffee ShopThere’s a growing perception out there that a college degree no longer delivers the value that it used to. Too many college kids are livi…
@TalentEgg It is definitely harder. The general population of ambitious students is higher and available jobs aren’t sufficient #TEQOTWCurious She
@TalentEgg Harder via the traditional route, but opportunities are always there for those willing to be creative and take risks!Dave Howard
@TalentEgg easier. One word.. Internet.Sarah Georges
@TalentEgg harder now! More competition, less knowledge and employers exploiting new grads and interns! Employer loyalty is dead!Stephen Chin

So, do you think it’s easier or harder for students today than it was for your parents’ generation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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