How To Avoid Getting Nervous Before Job Interviews


Job interviews are kind of like first dates – everyone gets nervous.

It’s normal. Totally natural.

But being too nervous can hurt your chances of getting the job.

Nobody likes sweaty palms and incoherent rambling, right?

One way to avoid getting nervous before a job interview is to have your own pre-game ritual – something you do before each and every interview to get you pumped up and prepared to face even the most gruelling interview process.

So, we turned to our @TalentEgg Twitter followers to find out how they stay calm in the face of nerve-wracking job interviews.

How to avoid getting nervous before a job interview

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#QuestionoftheDay: Do you get nervous before an interview? What do you do to calm your nerves?
“@TalentEgg: #QuestionoftheDay: Breath, speak slowly and remember that the recruiter is human and just trying to get to know you.Treena
@TalentEgg I go back over all of my successes to remind myself!! If that fails, I call my mom and get her to encourage me, sad as it is…Bethany Dickey
.@TalentEgg Here’s an article I read today on things to avoid in interviews when you do get nervous #QuestionoftheDayEvan Birtch
@TalentEgg #QuestionoftheDay Review information on the company ^_^ so you have good questions for the end of the interview.Janet Ha
@TalentEgg I do this to prepare for an interview: Mackenzie
Dwight Prepares to ask for a Raisebstev98
@TalentEgg Be yourself not rehearsed or unnatural, remember to smile. Good Recruiters know how to put Candidates at ease. We all get nervousCarrie Oswald
“@TalentEgg: #QuestionoftheDay Who doesn’t get nervous? Having just gone through the process myself I can say it gets easier with practice!Lisa Kramer
It’s more relaxing 2B yourself rather than trying 2B someone else!“@TalentEgg: #QuestionoftheDay: Do you get nervous B4 an interview?Nikki Simone

How do you avoid getting nervous before job interviews? Share your techniques in the comments section below!

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