Average Annual Entry Level And Early Career Salaries For Retail Jobs


According to Industry Canada, the Canadian retail sector bridges the gap between production and consumption.

Many of the practices of this sector have an influence on other industries, especially when it comes to innovation and experimenting with new ways of doing things.

The retail sector has significant direct and indirect effects on our economy. As a new grad in this field you have the opportunity to make an impact in more ways than you have probably considered.

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For new grads looking to hatch their careers in retail, there are a wide range of opportunities to choose from.

Often students have had the opportunity to gain previous experience in this field through their part-time or summer jobs.

Due to this, in retail it is more common to see new grads entering management positions fresh out of school – great news for retail grads in particular!

Here is a look at some of the average starting salaries in entry level and early career retail jobs across Canada. These salaries include average annual bonuses for each position, as well as the monetary value of the average benefits package.  All management positions assume a team of five.

Assistant Store Manager

Vancouver: $32,018
Calgary: $31,898
Toronto: $29,279
Montreal: $30,015

Retail Store Manager

Vancouver: $33,537
Calgary: $36,009
Toronto: $31,988
Montreal: $30,975

Supply Chain Analyst

Vancouver: $45,484
Calgary: $49,803
Toronto: $42,807
Montreal: $42,593

Retail Sales Associate

Vancouver: $24,115
Calgary: $26,171
Toronto: $23,430
Montreal: $22,480

Merchandising Assistant

Vancouver: $37,268
Calgary: $37,268
Toronto: $37,268
Montreal: $37,268

Junior Buyer

Vancouver: $41,231
Calgary: $48,421
Toronto: $39,482
Montreal: $37,776

Assistant Buyer, Retail

Vancouver: $34,282
Calgary: $36,917
Toronto: $34,412
Montreal: $32,950


Vancouver: $41,231
Calgary: $44,984
Toronto: $39,482
Montreal: $37,776

Want to know where these salaries might go in the long run? Check out our article about long-term salary ranges in retail.

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